Bucks Trade Talk: 3 Best Anthony Davis Offers Prior to Deadline

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Getty Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo

Even without MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks can create a few interesting trade packages for Anthony Davis. Although no formal offer has been presented and it’s unknown exactly what Milwaukee could put on the table, they do have a decent number of interesting assets. In turn, a pitch to the New Orleans Pelicans ahead of the trade deadline could be interesting.

Previously, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported the Bucks as a team expected to make an offer for Davis, joining the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors. The Bucks issue may be the assets they can provide in a deal, which will be a key topic either now or during the offseason.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the Bucks situation and offer a few potential deals that could be on the table as the team formulates a plan to team Davis up with Antetokounmpo.

*Note: All trades created with the ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

Anthony Davis Deal With Young Players, Multiple Picks

ESPN NBA Trade Machine

*Bucks send unprotected 2020 first-round pick*, 2022 first-rounder, 2022 second-rounder (three total)

The Bucks find themselves in a unique spot, as they already have their 2019 (protected 1-3, 17-30) or 2020 (protected 1-7) first-round pick locked up in a trade to the Phoenix Suns. That pick will likely wind up as a 2020 selection due to the protections, but they also have to send a 2021 first-rounder to the Cleveland Cavaliers (protected 1-14), per RealGM.

This means the picks may be tough to come by for the Bucks, so a player-heavy offer with available first-rounders (as many as possible) would be key. The 2022 draft is expected to be the “double draft” where high school players can also enter, so those picks become even more valuable.

When looking specifically at this trade, it’s tough to gauge as the players all have expiring deals. That’s good and bad to some extent, as it allows the Pelicans to decide whether to push to re-sign Eric Bledsoe and Malcolm Brogdon, for starters.

Eric Bledsoe & Khris Middleton Trade for Anthony Davis

ESPN NBA Trade Machine

*Bucks send unprotected 2020 first-round pick*, 2022 first-rounder, 2022 second-rounder (three total)

The same comments above on the draft picks are worth noting here, but a deal with both Bledsoe and Khris Middleton is more appealing. Even still, I believe it’ll require multiple picks to get that deal done. The current Bucks duo is somewhat underrated due to the fact they’re overshadowed by the greatness of Giannis.

To evaluate the upside both Bledsoe and Middleton provide, you can look at their production with Antetokounmpo off the floor. As Basketball Monster shows, Middleton and Bledsoe’s numbers jump dramatically, showing the level of upside the two players have even without their star.

One other name to mention is Christian Wood, who’s on a two-way contract but has flashed a decent amount of upside. He’s just 23 years old and wouldn’t break the bank for the Pelicans to keep longterm.

The Non-Eric Bledsoe Deal for Anthony Davis

ESPN NBA Trade Machine

*Bucks send unprotected 2020 first-round pick*, 2022 first-rounder, 2022 second-rounder, additional future second-rounder (four total)

This is going to take a few more picks than previous deals, but it’s still possible. Much of this comes down to how the Pelicans view Middleton and Brogdon. The latter is another player who produces at a nice clip with Antetokounmpo off the floor and has the making of being a very good NBA player.

There’s a decent amount of unknown here with Brook Lopez and Thon Maker, specifically with the former’s future in the coming offseason. Maker’s upside has shown at times, but he’s still raw and hasn’t seen enough playing time to be considered a valuable trade piece. In turn, this is where the picks come into play.

The 2020 second-rounder isn’t a huge deal, but the 2022 pick could be valuable. This is the unlikeliest deal of the bunch, and there’s no question the Bucks have some work to do in order to build an offer to rival the many others New Orleans will receive.

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