Evan Washburn’s Wife, Kate, Gave Birth While Evan Interviewed Tom Brady

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Evan Washburn’s wife, Kate Washburn, gave birth to their first son in January 2016, while Evan Washburn was hundreds of miles away interviewing Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

In a conversation with The Baltimore Sun on February 6, 2016, Washburn shared that his son was not only born a month earlier than expected, but that he was born while Washburn was in the midst of interviewing Patriots players and coaches for the AFC title game.

Washburn said, “In between Belichick leaving and Tom Brady coming in, I ran out of the room for a second, made a quick phone call, told my wife how proud I was of her and how much I love her, and that I have to go back and talk to Tom Brady.”

Here’s what you need to know about Washburn’s son’s crazy birth story, and his marriage to his wife in general:

Kate Washburn Was Scheduled to Have a C-Section on February 22, 2016, But Her Water Broke on January 22

To The Baltimore Sun, Washburn explained how his wife was scheduled to have a C-section for health-related reasons in February, and that he was on the road in Denver for the AFC title game in January when his wife called to say her water had broken.

Washburn said to The Baltimore Sun, 

“So, it’s Friday (Jan. 22), I’m in Denver for the AFC title game, we’re in between meetings with the Broncos at their hotel, getting ready to head over to the Patriots, and my wife texts me and says, ‘Can you talk?’ So, I call her right away, and she says, ‘I think my water broke.’ And I’m like, ‘What do you mean? We’re not doing this for a month.’

But, I said, ‘OK , we have to get you to the hospital.’ We live in Locust Point, she was headed to Mercy where everything was supposed to happen in a month. But the snow was really coming down already. I think it was about 5:30 p.m. East Coast time. So, my dad lives in Baltimore city and I say, ‘I’ll call my dad, he’ll come and pick you up.’ But my dad doesn’t answer his phone, so she ends up taking an Uber to Mercy.

Washburn shared that despite his wife’s sudden change in labor plans, he was in the midst of a number of important meetings and interviews, with the AFC title game being a huge win for his career.

Washburn continued,

“We get through our meetings and we’re wrapping up with Bill Belichick and he’s going longer than usual and actually giving us some pretty good stuff, when all of sudden my phone just starts buzzing and blowing up with texts from my dad and everything.

It’s in my pocket and we’re at a pretty small table there and I don’t want to get my phone out in front of Bill. He’s always watching everything, and I’m trying to build a relationship. So, I’m just listening to him very intently, but thinking, ‘Holy hell, what’s going on in Baltimore?'”

Washburn shared that when the interview ended, he was able to see that his father had texted pictures of his healthy baby boy. Then Washburn only had a few moments to call his wife, tell her he loved her, then run back into the conference room for an interview with Tom Brady.

Washburn said, “She’s been a rock star. It’s tough on families. And this couldn’t have gone any worse in terms of timing. But she’s been unbelievable.”

Kate & Evan Washburn Were Married on May 30, 2014, in Florida

Kate and Evan Washburn were married in an intimate beachside ceremony at the Lodge & Club Oceanfront Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, according to their photographer, Meghan Stewart. 

Stewart wrote that the the Washburns’ wedding was “intimate” and “lovely.” On her website, she explained that the vows were “personal and even included their pup, Stella.”

You can see the full wedding album for Kate and Evan here. 

Though Washburn doesn’t often post about his wife or children, he will occasionally give them shoutouts like the one in the tweet above, where he wrote, “Not big on personal things on social media but so proud of this guy … Born a year ago today and is turning into a cooler dude everyday”

In his only Instagram post so far, written on September 16, Washburn wrote of his family, “Its been an unbelievable summer and so thankful for this team, going to miss them the next 20 weekends … WK 1 travel starts bright and early tomorrow”





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