Jared Goff’s Rumored Girlfriend, Christen Harper, Is a Model

jared goff girlfriend

Getty Jared Goff's rumored girlfriend is model Christen Harper.

Jared Goff’s rumored girlfriend is model Christen Harper. While Goff has not publicly commented on the rumors, more proof has come out in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

Sports Gossip posted a photo of Goff and Harper together at what appears to be a Halloween party. There is also this photo of Harper taking in a Rams game earlier this season.

The couple has reportedly been dating since last summer, but this would conflict with interviews Goff has done claiming he was single. Goff conducted an interview with ESPN’s Sam Alipour before the season where the Rams quarterback noted he needed a “girlfriend first” before he could think about starting a family.

Could you see yourself raising a family in LA someday?
I need a girlfriend first.
It’s tough to meet girls out here.
It’s not tough to meet them.
Sure, says the quarterback.
No, I mean, you can meet a bunch of girls out here. It’s tough to keep them.

Harper appears to be used to the spotlight that comes with pro sports. Sports Gossip reported Harper was previously dating a baseball player drafted by the Colorado Rockies, and her brother plays in the NHL.

According to our source, Goff isn’t Harper’s first athlete. Prior to dating the Rams quarterback, she dated a Colorado Rockies draft pick.

After the lengthy relationship with the Rockies draft pick ended, Harper and Goff began dating. The two started dating last summer and he’s been clearly keeping the relationship under wraps.

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Goff’s Roommate Gave an Interview that Added Fuel to Harper Rumors

Ryan Talks To Jared Goff's Roommate After Rams Beat The Saints | On Air with Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest talked to Jared Goff's roommate, Patrick, about his weekend in New Orleans at the Rams vs Saints game. SUBSCRIBE: youtube.com/user/ryanseacrest SEE MORE: onairwithryan.com On Air with Ryan Seacrest on YouTube The official home for video from On Air With Ryan Seacrest and OnAirWithRyan.com. Subscribe for exclusive celebrity interviews and music performances from the…2019-01-24T17:18:48.000Z

As the Rams prepared to play in the Super Bowl, the rumors linking Harper and Goff continued to gain traction. Goff’s roommate works on The Ryan Seacrest Show and gave a brief interview after the Rams clinched a spot in the Super Bowl. He declined to answer personal questions about Goff’s dating life, but he did not deny the two were dating.

Goff’s roommate also sheepishly admitted that he follows Harper on Instagram. Be sure to check out the full interview in the above video as Goff’s roommate tries to play coy about Harper and the Rams quarterback.

Goff Cited Brady & Gisele as the Model For Success

During a 2017 Bleacher Report interview, Goff pointed to Tom Brady’s success on the field as the key to opportunities outside of football.

“Do you think Tom Brady is with Gisele [Bundchen] if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl? No,” Goff noted to Bleacher Report. “There’s nothing that matters if you don’t win games. It’s just like if you’re an actor or actress or a rapper or anything. If you don’t produce, people won’t care.”

During the Super Bowl Opening Night, Brady had an opportunity to give Goff advice, but the Patriots quarterback declined.

“I’m not giving him any advice!” Brady said, per CBS Sports. “They got a great team. I’ve got to go against [Aqib Talib] all night so that’s what I’m concerned about. And I know how great of a player he is. They’ve got a great defense. Best D-Line in the league and a couple of the best interceptors probably to ever play this game so I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

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