Tony Romo Predicting Plays Is a Tradition Unlike Any Other

super bowl announcer

Getty Tony Romo has amazed football fans with his ability to predict plays.

Unless you are a Rams or Patriots fan, Tony Romo calling plays out before they happen may be your reason to get excited about the Super Bowl. There have been many former NFL players that have tried and failed in the broadcast booth.

Romo has no problem sharing trade secrets during the broadcast, often times predicting the next play before it happens. How is Romo able to consistently call out plays before they take place? During an interview with The Athletic, Romo insisted it is not as complicated as fans may think.

This is a protection league at its core so you think to yourself: “Okay, if I was the quarterback, how could they possibly breakdown my protection?” That is almost the number one thing you go through. You already know the play because it is your play and you have done the reps for the play 1000 times so you are not thinking about your play. It is all about them.

When you are up in the booth, it is the same thing. I’m thinking, “How is this going to be broken down, or could it be broken down and what would I do if I was right there at the quarterback position?” From there I analyze the possibilities and you do the permutations of what could possibly come about. The next thing you are looking at would be coverage-based stuff, the linemen on defense, who is covering who, matchups, whether things are man or zone. It is hard to give you one thing because on one specific play so much can happen.

Romo may make it sound like it is just based on having enough experience, but the reason so many fans are freaking out is we have rarely seen any announcer consistently pull off what Romo is able to do on a weekly basis. Romo is not the first broadcaster to predict a play before it happens, but he has the unique ability to bring the viewer into what a player might be thinking in real time.

Romo’s Prediction Rate Is Higher Than His Completion Percentage

There is so much intrigue about Romo’s prediction ability that The Wall Street Journal watched more than 50 hours of tape to breakdown the accuracy of his calls. Romo was an amazing 68 percent when it came to correctly predicting plays before they happened. USA Today detailed the findings and noted it was higher than his completion percentage as a quarterback.

It reviewed all 2,599 plays from every game the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback called this season and counted the number of times he made a specific prediction, as opposed to a general observation.

Romo has made 72 play predictions so far this season and was correct 68 percent of the time, according to the WSJ’s calculations. And that means statistically, he’s better at predicting NFL plays from the booth than completing passes because his career completion percentage is 65.3.

Romo’s Psychic Ability Was on Display During the AFC Championship

Romo’s brilliance was particularly on display in the AFC Championship between the Chiefs and Patriots. This was especially the case in the fourth quarter and overtime. Prior to one play, Romo correctly predicted a quick pass from Tom Brady to Julian Edelman.

NFL fans are excited to see if Romo’s psychic ability is on display in Atlanta at the Super Bowl. Romo’s wife, Candice Romo, explains this is nothing new for the Cowboys quarterback. Romo had informal gatherings with friends after games to breakdown the matchup he just played in.

“When he was playing, after every game – win or lose – we’d invite everyone over to the house that was at the game with us and he would stand up in front of the TV and break down his game,” Candice Romo explained to the USA Today. “I even got him a pointer because it was very serious. He would analyze the game and break it down, so this was a natural transition.”

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