NCAA Bracket Names 2019: The Best Funny Tournament Titles

ncaa tournament bracket names

Getty Filling out a March Madness bracket is still as unpredictable as ever.

There is a better chance of you winning the lottery than filling out a perfect bracket. It may be challenging to make the right bracket picks, but anyone can have the best March Madness bracket entry name. Heavy has compiled the funniest bracket names for 2019 to get your entry started on the right foot. Be sure to also check out part two of this post as well for additional March Madness bracket names.

According to ThoughtCo., there are 4,294,967,296 possible bracket results in the first round so choose wisely. Before we get to the best bracket names, here are a few tips for filling out your bracket.

Go ahead and adavance the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds to the next round. Last year, we saw the first No. 16 seed defeat a No. 1 seed. This was an outlier as the odds greatly favor the top two seeds in the first round. If you are looking for upsets, pick one No. 12 to upset a No. 5 as it happens nearly every NCAA tournament. Other seeds to target when picking upsets are No. 10-13 who have the best chance to pull off a surprise or two in March Madness.

Make sure not to pick your Cinderella teams to go too far. When it comes to the Elite Eight or Final Four, the field is mostly made up of favorites. If you are playing the odds, pick a No. 1 seed to win the championship as they have won 52 percent of the time.

If you are looking to just have fun when filling out your bracket, there are a lot of different ways. One popular method is to make each pick based on who would win a fictional fight between mascots.

Some people like to pick the teams with their favorite jersey colors. Others hand it over to their third-grade child and may have just as much of a chance at winning as any expert. Sports Illustrated suggests picking the team with the best player name.

Using names as your guide this year means choosing Michigan for forward Ignas “Iggy” Brazdeikis, Temple for guard Shizz Alston Jr., Murray State for guard Ja Morant, Wofford for guard Storm Murphy, UCF for 7-foot-6 wonder Tacko Fall (it’s pronounced like Taco) and Kansas State for guard Cartier Diarra.

If you choose this method, you’ll probably wind up with a Gonzaga-Tennessee national title game. Your bracket selection method will be vindicated when the Bulldogs’ Killian Tillie and Rui Hachimura share the floor with the Volunteers’ Admiral Schofield and Jordan Bone as their teams clash for the ultimate One Shining Moment.

However you fill out your bracket, make sure you have an awesome name. Here is our list of the top March Madness bracket names for 2019. We cited the bracket name creator in the right column.

Best Funny Bracket Names for March Madness 2019

Bracket Busted Like Zion’s Shoes Heavy
Aunt Becky’s Bag Man Heavy
March Sadness ESPN
Bracketology Major Heavy
Fast Breaking Bad Athlon
Tark the Shark Week Athlon
Stretch Final Fours Athlon
Free Will Wade Heavy
Bracket Case Heavy
What’s With All the Bracket? Everydayknow
Make a Swish Foundation Everydayknow
Bag Man Brackets Heavy
Kyle, What a Guy Heavy
Shaka & Awe Heavy
Ok. Cool. Bracket Busted. Heavy
My Morning Bracket Reddit
H to the Izzo Reddit
Huggy Bear Necessities Heavy
Strong @$$ Bracket Heavy
One Shining Bracket Athlon