Jennifer Rhodes, Eddie Pepperell’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

eddie pepperell girlfriend jennifer rhodes

Getty Eddie Pepperell of England poses for a photo with his girlfriend, Jennifer Rhodes, and the trophy after winning the tournament during day four of Sky Sports British Masters at Walton Heath Golf Club on October 14, 2018 in Tadworth, England.

Professional golfer Eddie Pepperell has been dating Jennifer Rhodes for several years. Like Pepperell, Rhodes is from England. She works as a holistic health coach and has been by Pepperell’s side as the 28-year-old golfer makes his rise up the ranks of the European Tour and becomes a contender in top tournaments in the United States, including the Players Championship.

Jen Rhodes is from Oxfordshire, England. Rhodes and Pepperell have been dating since they were 16. Here’s what you need to know about Jennifer Rhodes Eddie Pepperell’s girlfriend:

1. Rhodes, Who Also Has a Law Degree, Graduated From the Institute of Integrated Nutrition & Pursued a Career as a Health Coach After Going Through Her Own Health Issues

Jennifer Rhodes has a masters degree in law and worked at a London law firm after graduating before deciding that law wasn’t the right career for her, according to her website. She then studied at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

“I’ve experienced long term digestive & elimination issues, skin conditions, hormonal imbalance and candida. It was my own health journey which led me towards becoming a health coach,” she wrote on her website. “I have experimented with many different ways of eating over the last few years in a quest to feel my best: vegan, dairy-free, grain-free and I have experimented with eliminating food groups. Despite different dietary requirements – I maintain eating tasty, clean, real food.”

She added, “I believe that eating real & natural foods is the foundation for optimum health. The food we choose to fuel our bodies with on a daily basis has a direct impact on how we feel physically and emotionally. I believe that many health issues and diseases could be prevented with more conscious choices around food. Whilst food may not be the only method chosen to implement when it comes to acquiring wellness, I believe that quality nutrition sets the foundation for your body to naturally rejuvenate.”

2. She Says ‘a Big Part of My Life is Golf’ & Says She Is Thankful She Gets to Travel Around the World

jen rhodes eddie pepperell

Jen Rhodes, Eddie Pepperell and members of his family.

Rhodes wrote on her website, “Outside of the health & wellness world, a big part of my life is golf, since my partner is a professional golfer. I am very fortunate to travel to many different countries to attend various tournaments globally.”

Traveling has always been a major interest for her and Pepperell, according to her website. “I backpacked around the world for a year visiting Asia & South America. I have always had a love for food, but I believe it was travelling that ignited my passion for worldwide cuisine,” she said. “I love to continuously learn, specifically about nutrition, alternative therapies, holistic care, self improvement and the physical body.”

Rhodes and Pepperell have been dating since they were 16, he told Golfworld in 2018. Responding to a question about how unusual it is to have had such a long relationship at a young age, Pepperell said, “Yeah, that’s not normal, is it? [Laughs.] We’ve been together since we were 16, so over 10 years. She’s great. We’re very different. She’s intelligent. She studied law. She has a master’s. And now she’s training to be a health coach. I see that as a great opportunity for her. As a society, we have become way too interested in curing people rather than preventing the actual illness.”

3. Pepperell Once Deleted His Twitter Account to Improve His Relationship With His Girlfriend

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A post shared by Jennifer Rhodes (@jen_rhodes) on Jun 10, 2013 at 4:36am PDT

Eddie Pepperell said in 2016 that he deleted his popular Twitter account to improve his relationship with his girlfriend, Jen Rhodes, because it was hurting their relationship. He has since returned to the social media game.

“I just didn’t feel like I needed it in my life. I was using Twitter kind of narcissistically in a sense – and I was just going on to check to see if anyone had written or replied to me,” Pepperell told “Yeah, I had (built myself a bit of a fanbase). But as time goes on that would only get more problematic and I’d end up saying some things that would end up getting me in trouble.”

He added, “I found that in the relationship with my girlfriend – well, I was on my phone a lot – and although some people will disagree with me, I just don’t think you need social media in your life.”

4. She Has Been a Caddy for Pepperell During Some Tournaments

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Not a bad day!! #TheOpen #PepperArmy

A post shared by Jennifer Rhodes (@jen_rhodes) on Jul 19, 2015 at 7:50am PDT

Pepperell has had Jennifer Rhodes as his caddy at some tournaments, including in 2016 and 2017. Rhodes and his family were by his side when he celebrated his second victory on the European Tour at the Sky Sports British Masters in October 2018.

Pepperell has also used his girlfriend for inspiration in how he thinks the European Tour can give more back to the world. He told National Club Golfer in 2018 he would like to see paper water bottles at events.

“At one event this year we did have this. My girlfriend is really into the environment and doing the right thing, it would be a nice thing to do and it might appeal to newer sponsors,” he said. “Commercially it might not be viable but it was nice to have it at one event. This was actually a serious point.”

After his first win on the European Tour, in Qatar in early 2018, he wrote on his blog, “There’s lots more I could say I guess, but that can wait. Above all though, I’m just so happy for my family and girlfriend, all of whom deserve the credit for constantly reminding me who I am. Christ, if I ever get above my station, my sister will put me right. She has a knack for four letter curses and pinpoint truth telling.”

5. Rhodes & Pepperell Have a Hungarian Vizsla Dog Named Gus

Pepperell and Jennifer Rhodes share a dog together, a Hungarian Vizsla pup named Gus. Both members of the couple often share photos of the dog on Twitter and Instagram.

“He is a very playful and affectionate member of my family,” Jen Rhdoes said on her website.

“Moving my body each day is high on my priority list. I like to practice yoga, weight train and walk outside every day with my canine companion,” Rhodes wrote on her website.

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