Dwayne Haskins’ Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Dwayne Haskins is beginning his NFL career after a successful tenure at one of the top college football programs in the country. But for the Buckeyes signal-caller, it’s become widely known how important family is to him, and how close he appears to be with his parents and sister.

We’re going to take a look at Haskins’ family and some of the things to know. There’s no better starting point than with the high praise which has gone in the direction of Dwayne’s parents, Dwayne Sr. and Tamara, for how they raised their son.

His Parents, Dwayne Sr. and Tamara, Credited for His Faith & Caring

When it comes to the praise of Haskins, he receives plenty of it for his ability on the football field. But his personality and the way he treats people received arguably the highest praise. During an interview with Bill Rabinowitz of The Columbus Dispatch, Dwayne was described as “very Christian- and family-oriented” by Dr. Jerry Boarman, the Head of School at Bullis School, where the quarterback attended.

Boarman proceeded to offer high praise to Haskins’ parents, Dwayne Sr. and Tamara, per Rabinowitz.

Boarman praised Haskins’ parents — Dwayne Sr. and Tamara — and said they have provided a strong foundation. Boarman said that he has talked with Haskins about how college quarterbacks are under the microscope and pointed to some who have gone astray. He doesn’t worry about that with Haskins.

Beyond that, Pat Cilento, the football coach at Bullis School, said Haskins is someone who “cares about everyone.”

Dwayne’s Sister, Tamia Haskins, Says They’re Best Friends

The former Ohio State quarterback has one sister named Tamia, and the two have remained incredibly close it seems over the years. During an interview revealed by the Big Ten Network, Tamia called Dwayne her “best friend” while talking about how proud of him she is.

“I’m very proud of my brother, and I think he’s accomplished a lot. To be able to see him fulfill his dream is something that’s amazing … Growing up, Dwayne has always been my best friend. Sometimes he was my only friend. It didn’t matter that I was his younger sister.” Tamia said.

Dwayne’s father, Dwayne Sr., echoed a similar sentiment during the same interview, referencing how close the two have been ever since they were children.

“They make each other’s day. I believe it started at five or six years old when he used to go to the bus stop. They used to hold hands. They used to tell each other secrets. The two together is like a beacon of light.” Haskins Sr. said.

Haskins’ Father Trained Him ‘Every Weekend’ in High School

In an interview with various coaches and others who were around Haskins during the younger years of his career, Ryan Dunleavy of NJ.com revealed one source who pointed out the young quarterback’s training.

As Dunleavy pointed out, Jim Gay said Dwayne’s father would train him just miles from the Rutgers football stadium, and even state that his son was “going to be great one day.”

“His father used to train him right out there in the back every weekend,” said Jim Gay, pointing to a grassy hill at the end of a row of townhouses, two miles from the Rutgers football stadium.

“The boy would put this (weighted) thing on and they would run all up and down. He said, ‘My son is going to be great one day,’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah, right. Every father says the same thing.’”

His Mother Calls Dwayne and Tamia Role Models for Each Other

During the interview held with the Big Ten Network, Dwayne’s mother, Tamara Haskins, spoke about the close connection her two children have. She believes they look up to each other and appreciate the hard-working attitudes and mentalities of one another.

“Dwayne is a role model for Tamia. Tamia is also a role model for Dwayne, so they look up to each other because they each have special gifts. They are very dedicated and hardworking and they recognize that in each other.” Tamara stated.

It’s hard to find many siblings who have this type of relationship, but it’s also refreshing to see. When hearing both Dwayne and Tamia rave about each other during the interview, it’s apparent that Tamara is spot on.

Dwayne Haskins’ Sister Is Big Into Acting

While Tamara and Dwayne Sr.’s son has a passion for the game of football, it appears their daughter’s passion involves being centre stage in front of a crowd as well. As the former Buckeyes quarterback told the Big Ten Network, his sister has been into acting for quite some time.

Haskins surprised his family by coming home during a bye week from football during 2018 and showed up at his sister’s play ‘Wyrd Sisters.’ He spoke about his sister’s acting career and heaped praise over how proud of her that he is.

“Tamia’s been acting for a very long time and she’s grown so much as an actress … It’s cool to see how far she’s grown since the time she started acting at a young age until now. I’m very proud of her.” Dwayne told the Big Ten Network.

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