Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend, Jena Sims, Has Become a Household Name

Jena Sims

Getty Brooks Koepka pictured with girlfriend Jena Sims after winning the 2018 PGA Championship.

Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims, was introduced to most golf fans at the 2017 US. Open, but the only problem is announcer Joe Buck called her by the wrong name. Koepka had just won the major, and Buck identified Sims by his ex-girlfriend’s name, Becky Edwards. Two years later, Sims has become a regular at PGA events, and fans even line up to have their picture taken with the actress as detailed.

A teenage boy was nearby. “Are you Koepka’s girlfriend?” he asked.

“Yes,” Sims replied with a smile. The boy’s face lit up. “Can I take a photo with you?”

Sims graciously obliged. “I told you it was her!” he crowed to his friend.

The photo-op opened the floodgates, as several other fans waited for their souvenir snapshot.

“Does this happen all the time?” I asked her. “It does,” she said. “But it’s nice.”

Sims has built a following of her own with 139,000 followers on Instagram. While Sims’ modeling and acting career is on the rise, Koepka has also been dominant on the golf course. Sims has a number of movies and shows that are currently filming or in the post-production stage, per IMDB: The Hotel Maiden, Angel Investors, Valet Boys, Thursday the 12th. Sims was also in Sharknado 5 in 2017.

As for the Buck incident, it appears to be a distant memory as the announcer has since apologized for the error. Sims noted the couple flew to Las Vegas to celebrate right after Koepka’s big win so they were a bit unaware of the aftermath.

“I think being that we went to Vegas right after the win for five days, we kinda escaped it,” Sims explained to Golf Digest. “We were in our own little world in Vegas celebrating. So we didn’t really have to experience what the media blew it up to be. We were by the pool and the casino just hanging out, no worries about that at all. And Brooks ended up meeting Joe Buck. They’re totally cool.”

Buck even had a little fun at his own expense by posting a photo with Sims on Twitter in 2018.

Jena Sims Once Played Jerry Jones’ Flight Attendant on the Show Entourage

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Sims also made an appearance on the popular show Entourage along with the movie. Sims told Golf Digest that it was one of her first roles in Los Angeles.

“That was one of my first jobs in LA,” Sims told Golf Digest. “It was a non-speaking role; I was a flight attendant for Jerry Jones in his private plane. So I got to go on Jerry Jones’ plane. It was really cool. Meeting him was really neat. And that was my first time being inside a private plane, so I was in awe. And the writer and producer Doug Ellin, who’s actually a really big golf fan, I got to know him. And we stayed in contact over the years, and I auditioned for a part in The Entourage movie, and I got a speaking part in that, so that was cool.”

When Sims is not acting or attending golf tournaments, she enjoys giving back through a non-profit she founded called Pageant of Hope. The organization specializes in helping young people feel special as the website details.

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