WATCH: Female Streaker Disrupts & Excites at Champions League Final

Twitter Female Streaker disrupts Champions League Final.

A streaker disrupted the middle of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Saturday. The woman ran across the pitch in a black one-piece bikini with a thong, creating a ruckus both in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium and on social media.

Liverpool led 1-0 at the time after a Mohamed Salah penalty kick in the second minute. This is still the margin, as the Spurs have managed just one shot on goal so far.

Here’s a sampling of pictures and video of the woman, with her bikini reads “Vitaly Uncensored.” Her name is Kinsey Wolanski, and she is a Russian model.

WARNING: These images may not be safe for work.

Streaking Plus Salah’s Ramadan

Some jokes on social media surrounded not just the woman streaking, but about how Muslim players such as Salah had to witness such scandalous behavior during Ramadan. His fasting habits have been the subject of much speculation, according to our own Jonathan Adams.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp noted that he supported Salah and other players if they opt to fast on matchday. Klopp explained that his players “offered their best whether they were fasting or not.”

“There is no problem with the fast of my players, I respect their religion, they were always wonderful and they offered the best whether they were fasting or not,” Klopp said, per the Egypt Independent. “There are days when Sadio Mane or Mohamed Salah came into the dressing room because they were praying. In this life, there are many things more important than football.”

Salah has been outspoken about his faith and even celebrates goals by performing sujood. The Conversation’s Asif Majid detailed the significance of Salah’s celebration.

Sujood normally occurs twice in every section of salaat – a word commonly mistranslated as prayer (following its Arabic root, salaat is better translated as “connection”). A Muslim who performs salaat the requisite five times daily finds themself in sujood 34 times each day. In Islamic thought, sujood is perceived of as the physically lowest, but spiritually highest, position a person can take. Salah’s performance of sujood outside of salaat, then, is a specific expression of gratitude for goals scored.

Salah’s fast start shows that he doesn’t seemed to be bothered by the holy month.

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