Julie Ertz’s Husband, Zach Ertz, Is Eagles Star Tight End

Zach Ertz Julie Ertz

Getty Zach and Julie Ertz pictured at the 2018 ESPYs.

Julie Ertz’s husband, Zach Ertz, is cheering her on amidst his responsibilities as a Philadelphia Eagles tight end. The Eagles granted Zach permission to leave the team’s minicamp to watch his wife play in the World Cup. CBS News reported that Zach plans to fly to France to see the rest of the USWNT’s matches.

The couple first met in college during a Stanford baseball game. Zach played for the Stanford football team, while Julie played soccer for nearby Santa Clara. Zach sat next to Julie at a Stanford baseball game and offered her sunflower seeds as Julie detailed for The Players’ Tribune.

“Anyway, I remember Zach was pretty shy,” Julie explained to The Players’ Tribune. “His big move was to offer me some of his sunflower seeds. It was a pretty good move, actually. For the rest of the game, I did most of the conversation legwork, and any time there was an awkward pause or something, he’d just offer me more seeds. I probably ate like 500 seeds that night.”

Zach Ertz Defended the USWNT’s Decision to Keep Scoring Goals Against Thailand

Some have criticized the USA for scoring so many goals against Thailand and celebrating after the game was well out of reach. Zach defended the team’s decision to keep the foot on the gas pedal.

“First of all, the first tie-breaker in the World Cup for the group stage is goal differential,” Zach told CBS News. “So it would be a crime for them to take their foot off the gas and then finish second in the group because they took their foot off the gas. Second, the best way to build team chemistry, I think you guys saw that a couple years ago with us, was the way we celebrate with one another.”

Zach is a good follow on social media as he gives his reaction during the matches. After the big win, Zach tweeted out his excitement about the USA starting out 1-0.

“So proud of @julieertz and the entire @USWNT for yesterday’s INSANE victory over Thailand… biggest win in World Cup history! ??,” Zach tweeted.

Zach Calls Julie a “Sore Loser”

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Zach is very complimentary of his wife, except when it comes to losing. The NFL tight end noted that she could use some work on losing gracefully.

“Julie is a sore loser,” Zach noted to ESPN. “If I beat her at something, I try to keep it mellow because I know the repercussions if I go all out.”

On a more serious note, Julie admitted that her husband knows her better than anyone else. It helps that the couple has been together since college.

“Zach knows me better than anyone else in the world,” Julie said, per ESPN. “He’s that person I’m vulnerable with. We grew up together. In the soccer world, it’s really hard to root yourself.”

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