Lakers Pegged as Real Option for Klay Thompson With Space Jam 2 Report

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Getty Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson

If the Los Angeles Lakers managed to sign Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson in free agency, fans may have Space Jam 2 to thank for it. While there’s been no official confirmation, it seems LeBron James is pulling in a few top-tier names for the movie, one of which was revealed to be Thompson.

As FOX Sports Radio’s Jason McIntyre reported on ‘The Jason McIntyre Show,’ the talented Warriors guard is “locked in” to do Space Jam 2.

“Klay Thompson is now locked in to do Space Jam 2 … I do believe an announcement will come out after the Finals that Klay Thompson is committed to Space Jam 2, he will be in the movie.” McIntyre said.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg on this conversation. McIntyre continued on by stating that while he thinks there’s a good chance Thompson remains with the Warriors, that this news “could change things.”

“As a result of Klay going into Space Jam 2, with LeBron James of course … Lakers fans are going to get geeked and say ‘well, maybe LeBron can convince Klay.’ Hey, Klay is a Los Angeles guy, right? He played high school ball around here, his dad is an announcer [for Lakers games] … why can’t there be a scenario where Klay ends up with the Lakers? And I do believe we’re going to hear rumors, why not Klay Thompson and the Lakers?” McIntyre stated.

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Klay Thompson’s Outlook With Warriors in Free Agency

Although the idea of Thompson joining the Lakers is surely appealing, the likelihood remains high at this point that he’ll be back with the Warriors. McIntyre also went to reiterate that he believes Thompson sticks in Golden State but cited the Kyrie Irving rumors involving the Brooklyn Nets as something to note.

“I do believe Klay stays with the Warriors, but, as we just saw with Kyrie Irving and that news this week. Everything in NBA free agency is fluid, that is the key to remember.”

If the rumblings around Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors turn out to be true, then it’s even more likely that Thompson could re-sign with Golden State. But if that were not the case and the team was a bit tight on cash, there’s at least a chance that he could wind up signing elsewhere, with the Lakers being an intriguing option.

The Lakers have already been linked to a number of top-tier free agents, including the aforementioned Irving. Regardless, we know they’re going to be all-in on attempting to land another star to pair with James, and Thompson could make a lot of sense. Beyond that, the talks involving a possible Anthony Davis trade aren’t likely to cool off anytime soon either.

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