Bobby Bruce, ‘Last Chance U’: Where Is He Now in 2019?

Last Chance U

Twitter/@ManateeNeptunes Bobby Bruce is one of the stars of Last Chance U.

Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the first two episodes of “Last Chance U.”

Bobby Bruce is back for “Last Chance U” Season 4 after overcoming legal challenges last summer but his appearance on the show is brief. Bruce was arrested on June 7, 2018 for his suspected involvement in an armed robbery. Florida Today detailed the Palm Beach robbery that occurred when Bruce returned home for the summer.

Bruce was arrested June 7 and charged with robbery with a firearm, after Palm Bay police named him a suspect in a May incident where three assailants used the smartphone app Snapchat to lure a man outside his home and held him at gunpoint, taking his cash and smartphone.

Bruce opened up about his experience on the first episode of Season 4. The defensive player discussed feeling fortunate to have avoided jail time noting he picked up a Bible for the first time after the incident.

However, Bruce’s second chance did not last long after he was kicked off the team shortly after the year began. Bruce was suspected of stealing from another student’s apartment. The student claimed to be missing money, while Bruce noted he just took food. The video footage showed Bruce carrying a bag out of the apartment that he did not previously have when he entered the building.

Bobby Bruce Was Arrested in 2018 for His Alleged Involvement in an Armed Robbery But the Charges Were Later Dropped

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Last summer, Bruce was able to avoid jail time after the armed robbery charges were dropped. The witnesses gave conflicting testimonies about the suspects, meaning a case could not be made against Bruce and the other suspects. Florida Today released the state attorney spokesman Todd Brown’s statement on the charges being dropped.

“The central issue in this case was the positive identification of the suspects,” Brown said in an email. There was no physical evidence to link possible suspects to the crime and the assailants wore masks, preventing identification. The remaining witness gave conflicting testimonies to police, he said.

Florida Today reported in October 2018 that Bruce had no plans to rejoin the football team after the armed robbery charges filed against him were dropped.

Bruce & His Girlfriend Welcomed a New Baby in February 2019

It originally looked like Bruce was still looking to land at a school after Indy. Bruce noted in March that he was just looking for a “chance.”

“I JUST NEED A CHANCE ???‍?#BIGGFACTSS,” Bruce tweeted on March 5th.

Bruce noted on “Last Chance U” that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby on February 14. The former “Last Chance U” star posted a video on February 12th of what appears to be the couple’s baby. The last episode of “Last Chance U” Season 4 also features an interview with the couple.

Bruce’s location is listed as Titusville, Florida, and it appears he has not landed with another school. Coaches noted on “Last Chance U” that his size was a big obstacle in getting him an offer.

Bruce switched positions from linebacker to safety but played sparingly before getting dismissed from the team. Indy head coach Jason Brown noted that he believed Bruce wanted to get caught stealing, so that he could get sent home. Bruce’s latest tweet implies that his family has helped him get through life without football.

“There is no life without FOOTBALL UNLESS you have your FAMILY!!!!” Bruce tweeted on July 16th.

After “Last Chance U,” Bruce Played For the Manatee Neptunes in an Arena Football League

Bruce did not appear to receive a big Division I offer but did end up playing for the Manatee Neptunes this past spring. The Neptunes are part of a Florida-based arena football league along with the Gulf Coast Fire, Lakeland Tarpons and Sarasota Bigcats, per Fox 4 Southwest Florida.

Bruce appeared to make an impact with the team as one highlight showed him making a big-time interception late in the fourth quarter. The Neptunes marketed Bruce’s arrival with several posts on their Twitter page. Bruce noted in a video released by the team that he hoped his play with the Neptunes would land him a “better opportunity.”