‘Last Chance U’ Season 5 Remains a Mystery

Getty Last Chance U director Gregory Whiteley pictured with former EMCC academic adviser Brittany Wagner.

If you are like many “Last Chance U” fans, you have already binged all the new episodes and are wondering what Season 5 holds on Netflix. Unfortunately, there is little available information about the next season of “Last Chance U,” but director Greg Whitley did provide a little bit of information in an interview with The Wrap. There has not been a location named yet, and Whiteley admitted the crew is waiting to see if Netflix will pick up “Last Chance U” for another season.

“Every year that we’ve done the show — it’s been four now — at the end of the year, when we’re done editing and we submit, and we think there’s a possibility that the show may get renewed, we [say], ‘Well, where do we wanna go?’” Whiteley explained to The Wrap. “In each stop that we’ve made so far, it made sense from a storytelling standpoint to go back for one more year.”

Given the popularity of the show, it would be a major surprise if “Last Chance U” was not renewed for Season 5. Whiteley appears to be offering a bit of humility with these comments and not taking the show for granted. Assuming the show is picked up for another season, Whiteley admitted the crew does not know what school would be featured.

“Last Chance U” Season 5 Location Is Unknown

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There has been a bit of a pattern with the show going to a new school every two years. The first two season were spent in Scooba, Mississippi to focus on EMCC, while the last two seasons featured Independence Community College. Whiteley stopped short of ruling out a third season at Indy.

“I don’t know if that means — if we’re lucky enough to keep doing the show — does that mean we are now two years at every [school]?” Whiteley noted to The Wrap. “I don’t know, because it’s possible we may go there and it’s a great story but it’s told in one year. I wish I had a better answer for you.”

Fans Have Lots of Opinions on Where “Last Chance U” Should Go Next

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There may not be a formal announcement on where “Last Chance U” is headed but that has not stopped fans from offering suggestions. The popular Twitter account @LastChanceUAlum asked viewers where the show should go next. The answers ranged from back to EMCC to Lane Kiffin’s FAU.

“Go ahead and take it back to Mississippi. Nothing like a MS Juco. They are built different,” Will Godfrey suggested on Twitter.

Some of the suggestions, like FAU, were for non-JUCO schools. While FAU is not a JUCO, Kiffin has given a number of players second chances so it could fit the theme of the show to some degree. There are even former “Last Chance U” players that have played for FAU. So far, the show has been committed to JUCO schools and showing the lack of resources many of the coaches and teachers have to work with.

It remains to be seen what will happen next season for “Last Chance U” but in the past, we have seen the news break around August. Since football starts in late-August, the “Last Chance U” camera crews likely need to start filming in the next few weeks. We will continue to update you when an announcement is made.