Baker Mayfield’s Wife Posts Creepy Interaction With Browns Fan [LOOK]

Getty Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns fans love their quarterback Baker Mayfield. Some love him just a little too much.

In honor of training camp, Mayfield grew out a very impressive mustache, which has quickly taken on a life of its own. It’s probably not a long-term look for the QB, and one fan wants to capitalize when Mayfield decides to get rid of it.

Emily Mayfield, who married Baker over the summer, was asked by the fan a fairly creepy — but hilarious — question regarding the hair on the QB’s upper-lip and its future.

“Hey I don’t want a autograph or anything… but when he shaves that pornstache can you baggie it up for me. Thanks.”

Emily’s reaction: Yikes!

Emily Mayfield

Teammates have also commented on the new look from Mayfield. Rookie corner Greedy Williams was asked about it on NFL Network and had a comical response.

“He’s hilarious. I put him on my Instagram and people are asking me what’s going on with his mustache,” Williams said. “I have no idea what he’s doing. You can see it through his helmet. You just look at it and you’re like ‘what’s going on?'”

Baker Mayfield Likes the Mustache Mystery

For much of the offseason, the Mayfield sported a thick beard before going clean shaven for his wedding. Many wondered why the QB decided to sport the stache.

The answer, well, it’s a secret.

“That’s the elegance of having a mustache,” Mayfield said. “Maybe you’ll find out why I got rid of the goatee, maybe you won’t. That’s the great thing about having a mustache. It’s always a mystery.”

He was then asked if he was going to be starring in any “films,” to which the QB responded, “You’d like that wouldn’t you.”

Mayfield showed up to Sunday’s training camp sporting the lip rug, reminding many of the full horseshoe stache he repped for a college rivalry game against Oklahoma State.

Odds Released on Baker Mayfield’s Facial Hair For Season-Opener

You can bet on just about anything now-a-days when it comes to football — from the normal over-under and against the spread gambles, to the color of Gatorade that will be splashed on the winning coach following the Super Bowl.

But a new prop bet put out from Bovada might be the most interesting there’s been in quite some time.

Following Mayfield revealing his shocking mustache that set the internet ablaze, the gambling site put up a prop bet on what the star QBs facial hair will be for the team’s Week 1 game against the Tennessee Titans.

The straight mustache currently is the favorite.

  • Mustache Only +110
  • Full Beard +175
  • Clean Shaven +300
  • Horseshoe Mustache +700
  • Chin Curtain +1200
  • Muttonchops +2000
  • Chin Strap +3000
  • Soul Patch +3000

Baker Mayfield Building Chemistry With Odell Beckham

It didn’t take long for Mayfield to build a reputation both around the league and within the Browns locker room as a leader.

Odell Beckham Jr. arrived the offseason and has voiced his excitement about playing with a young, hungry and talent quarterback like Mayfield.

“When you have a guy like that, you never want to let him down,” Beckham said of his QB. “There’s a reason he was the first pick. I just let him tell me what he thinks I should do and I’m just gonna do that. And he’s going to put it where it needs to be.”

In just 13 starts last season, Mayfield passed for a rookie record 27 touchdowns last season. The former Oklahoma Heisman winner also collected 3,725 passing yards and helped the Browns finish 7-8-1, winning five of their final seven games.

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