Jamal Crawford’s Career, Future Gets Huge Boost From NBA All Star

Jamal Crawford NBA Free Agency Lakers

Getty Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford is still a free agent and there are still teams interested in him.

many teams are showing interest in the veteran shooting guard.

Last year, Jamal Crawford shot just around 33% from three point range. He averaged 3.6 assists per game which was his highest mark since 10 years ago when he was the lead man for the Knicks.

At 39, Crawford can still truly help an NBA team. That impact will significantly be seen off the court where he can be a mentor for a team with young guards. The Sixers, Nets and Lakers seem like the ones who have the biggest need for that veteran presence.

Retired NBA player, Gilbert Arenas thinks that Crawford can still be an NBA All Star.

“If you land on a championship team and then by winning a championship, you get rewarded for it,Crawford averaged 20, 19, 19, 19, 19.” Arenas told Landon Buford.

Crawford will enter his 20th season in the NBA averaging 14.6, points, 2,2 points and 3.4 assists mostly off the bench.

He’s never made an All-Star team and that doesn’t seem fair to some.

“Look at Klay Thompson,” said Arenas.

“He averaged 21 last season and was named an All-Star and signs for $177 million. Lou Williams averages 22 and makes $5 million off the bench. He is averaging some of the same numbers as the starters, but he is only making $5 million and get snubbed on All-Star selections, and in contract negotiations.”

The Philadelphia 76ers had interest in Jamal Crawford last summer.

Philly added Al Horford as a great veteran presence this summer after losing Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick. Philly who has young guys like Matisse Thybulle, Zhaire Smith, Josh Richardson, and Marial Shayok could use someone like Jamal Crawford.

“I would be honored to play there,” Jamal Crawford told me last summer on the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“But things obviously have to take its course and I kind of got to sit back, but who wouldn’t want to play there?”

“From a leadership standpoint, having that vet who’s been through those wars and challenges, somebody who can get a shot when the play breaks down, especially in the playoffs. And where Philadelphia is going to get judged, ultimately, is their playoff success. They’re becoming one of those teams.”

Crawford is also a fan of Ben Simmons.

“You can tell, watching him play, he doesn’t play with an agenda,” he told  Scoop B Radio.

“You know, a lot of young guys try to establish themselves first. It looks like he’s just trying to win, whatever that is.  He may get you 25 points, he may get you 10 assists, he may even get 18 rebounds. It’s just about winning that particular game.  I love how he plays the game. He’s very cerebral, always looking for his teammates and looking for the advantage down court, so that’s what I love about him.”

We’ll see where Crawford decides to go, but there is definitely interest out there on the marketplace.

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