Josh Jacobs’ Hilarious Explanation Why He Hasn’t Been on Hard Knocks

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Getty Oakland Raiders RB Josh Jacobs.

The second episode of the Oakland Raiders on Hard Knocks premiered on Tuesday and there have already been some breakout stars. Johnathan Abram was the star of the first episode and Keelan Doss made his name known after the second. It’s surprising to see so many rookies take the spotlight in such a big show. One rookie that surprisingly hasn’t made much of an appearance in either episode is running back Josh Jacobs. There are still several episodes left, but if Jacobs has it his way, the crew won’t have much footage of him to air.

Josh Jacobs Hilariously Explains Why He Hasn’t Been on Hard Knocks

Josh Jacobs isn’t just one of the most hyped Raiders rookies, he’s one of the most hyped rookies in the entire NFL. He’s been predicted to win the rookie of the year and he’s already garnered great interest from the fantasy football crowd. These facts make it seem like he would be one of the focal points of Hard Knocks, but he’s taken to Twitter to explain why he hasn’t been on the show.

“If you wondering why I’m not on hardknocks it’s because I be hiding from them,” tweeted Jacobs.

Seems like the running back isn’t much for the spotlight. That being said, he’s mostly joking because there’s no way he could avoid the camera crew that well. He’ll get the spotlight in an eventual episode. He doesn’t have the same outgoing personality that Abram has, but he has a great back story and it’s hard to imagine that HBO is going to gloss over that.

Jacobs grew up from nothing and spent a lot of his young life living out of his father’s car. He’s already gotten offers from studios to sell the rights to his life story. Even if Hard Knocks doesn’t put the focus on Jacobs at any point, fans will likely get to know him better in some way.

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Will Josh Jacobs Play vs. The Arizona Cardinals?

To the disappointment of many, Jacobs didn’t make his debut appearance for the Raiders at Saturday’s game versus the Los Angeles Rams. With running backs, it’s hard to completely gauge how they’re coming along because of the limited contact allowed at practice. Many other rookies got a chance to play, but the team kept Jacobs out. There have been no reports of any injuries, so the coaches probably kept him out because he wouldn’t be playing behind the first-team offensive line.

Well, it seems like Jacobs may just make his preseason debut in Thursday’s game versus the Arizona Cardinals. He hasn’t been singled out as a specific player that’s going to play, but Jon Gruden did recently say that more starters would play in the second preseason game. He said that quarterback Derek Carr would see some action. If the cornerstone of the franchise is going to play, it’s hard to imagine a healthy rookie wouldn’t see some playing time. While it’s not confirmed just yet, it’s safe to say that Jacobs will probably see some snaps on Thursday night.

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