Browns Reveal Odell Beckham’s Week 1 Injury Status

Getty Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Freddie Kitchens left no questions when it came to Odell Beckham’s status for Week 1 with the Cleveland Browns.

The star pass-catcher is cleared for lift off.

“He’s ready to go,” Kitchens told reporters on Friday.

When asked if there will be some sort of “pitch count” for OBJ, Kitchens responded: “He’s going.”

While Beckham’s status has never really been in question, there were some concerns after he brought up on Thursday that his “minor” hip injury has kept him from going full speed.

Beckham compared what he’s going through to a car just being a little bit off.

“It’s like an extremely fast car with a little alignment or something off, and it’s right in the center of what you need,” Beckham told reporters Thursday after practice. “Now the car can still go, but it’s dangerous.”

Beckham has only played in 16 games once in his five-year career. He suffered a hamstring ailment his rookie season, a fractured ankle two seasons ago that required surgery and a quad injury last season.

Beckham was a full participant in Friday’s practice and looked sharp with his footwork while warming up. However, it’s a far cry from running full speed with pads on with a cornerback on your hip.

Freddie Kitchen Jabs Myles Garrett for ESPN’s Body Issue, Praises Drive

When told that star defensive end Myles Garrett posed nude in the desert for ESPN’s Body Issue, all Kitchens could do was giggle.

“Did he really? That’s good to know,” Kitchens said. “I’ll promise you I probably won’t read it.”

The first-year head coach got a little more serious when it pertained to Garrett later on when talking about his drive and work ethic.

“Here’s what I like about Myles,” Kitchens said. “He wants more production, he wants to be a better player. I want the same things for him. I like the fact that he’s willing to get coached to help him get better. That’s one thing I have found very rewarding for being in the position I’m in now. I have the platform to communicate with guys on both sides of the ball. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Myles, getting to know his personality, getting to know his desire and relentless nature on where he wants to get to.”

Browns Proud of Brotherhood Forged in the Offseason

Many players have mentioned leading up to the game the strong bond the team has built through a physical training camp and the offseason. Kitchens pointed to a wild week in Indianapolis as the turning point for his squad.

The Browns and Colts had two practices — the second nearly being called off because of multiple fights. 

Kitchens understands those bonds will be tested, but is happy with where his team is at.

“This is all about the journey,” Kitchens “We are going to have some ups and downs, but we need to be together when we do this. These guys need to be tight. We can overcome a lot if we stay that way.”

The Browns kickoff the season on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans at home.

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