Amy Duncan, Chris Duncan’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amy Duncan, Chris Duncan's Wife

Facebook/Amy Duncan Chris and Amy Duncan pictured together in June 2018.

Amy Duncan was Chris Duncan’s wife of 8 years. The couple was married in 2011. Duncan was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year later in 2012. Duncan, a first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals between 2005 and 2009, won the World Series in 2007. Following his professional career, Duncan retired in 2010, he hosted a radio show on St. Louis’ ESPN-affiliate, WXOS.

In January 2019, he announced a leave of absence from the show as he continued to battle glioblastoma.

On September 6, 2019, Chris Duncan succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 38 in his home in Tucson, Arizona. In a statement, the Cardinals CEO and Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. said, “The Cardinals are deeply saddened by the passing of Chris Duncan and extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife, Amy, the entire Duncan family, and his many friends. Chris was an integral part of our 2006 championship team and a great teammate and friend to many in the organization.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In 2018, Amy & Chris Duncan Moved to Arizona to Be Closer to His Family

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This is #livingduncan | I’ll start by saying that I don’t feel obligated to share this with you. I want to. Because you have been there sharing in this journey through MRIs, dance parties, and inspiration. I feel like I’m finally at a place where I can talk about this and give you an update on life round here. As many of you saw from my stories…our house sold. About six months ago we started talking about selling our house in Laguna Niguel. It was too suburb for us. We love to walk places and I love city life. Alive. Energy. Even a little nightlife. We put our house on the market and it sold in a day, with a 30 day close. So I began to hustle, purge things, and figure out the next step. . Chris’s health…..has changed. And while I am running around fulfilling my dreams with @mowellens and other startups, I leave him at home. He’s unable to drive and both he and I felt a bit trapped. Him trapped in California, without freedom of transportation, without companionship throughout the day, without his lifelong friends from AZ. Me trapped as a caregiver, wife, friend….trapped in an emotion of guilt for doing what I want to do and living my life. And remembering that we both only get one of these….this isn’t the dress rehearsal. So as the months passed and Chris’s health changed…..the pain I experienced coming home everyday started to build. I found myself crying daily seeing him in a state of loneliness and inability to communicate fluently. It still brings me pain when I really think about it. I’ll never be okay seeing him the way he is. Hearing his voice, once fluid and witty and an award winning radio personality….now choppy and stumbling and at a loss for words. Knowing the words you want to say but not being able to speak them to existence. Remembering him before brings tears to my eyes now. I do miss my healthy husband. . So we had some long discussions and we both re-established our boundaries – both with each other but more-so with the disease that has ruled our boundaries for 7 years. We both decided the best place for Chris was AZ. Here he can be with his father who is retired and his brother. He can talk baseball, {CONTINUED IN COMMENTS}

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Since retiring from baseball, the Duncans had been living in West Hollywood, California. Amy said in a 2018 Instagram post that the couple had moved to Arizona to be close to his father, Dave Duncan, and his brother, Shelley Duncan, who works for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

At that time, Amy Duncan wrote, “The light still shines in both of us.” In June 2013, Duncan’s mother, Jeanine, died after a nearly two year battle with brain cancer.

2. Amy Duncan Regularly Gave Updates on Her Husband’s Health on Social Media

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I try not to be scared of the days when I am all light. . The days when we feel amazing…everything seems to be falling into place…and there aren’t any negative, stressing, or busy thoughts. No doubtful chatter. All optimism and confidence and happiness exists. Even though we know these days may be fleeting…it is good to embrace them. To let the inner light shine and be shared. . Even since Chris’s brain tumor and living between MRIs this nearly guilty feeling has tried to overshadow me/us. You can call it guilt or fear I guess. Of course we know we can’t live in fear and of course we laugh and enjoy life. But those days we completely forget….those are the days I’m talking about. And those days are okay. Actually they ROCK! But as an even keel liver I know exactly when I am all light and try to my best on those days (to not feel guilty) and to get out and share that light with others. There is a reason why we are given noticeable light in the darkest of days. There is a reason why that thought inside of you caused you to smile, to want to move, or to cry and let it out. We are light….it’s okay and acceptable to spread that light and cherish it and let the light beams radiate out. . “Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the fountain for abundance.” @eckharttolle . PS….not sure what’s up with that sign…..?…..but it says the wrong word. ? COMPLETELY KIDDING! #itsanoysterbar ??? #livingduncan #abundancemindset #donotliveinfear #youareenough #youarelight #loveyoself #ironsidefishandoyster #mindsetiseverything #livelaughlovelife #selfloveisthebestlove #cancersurvivor #warriorwoman #girlbosslife #sandiegoliving #liveyourbestlife #smilez #you_never_walk_alone #heartopener #mindfulliving #blondeandzesty #balayagehair #happyshine

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In August 2018, Amy said in an Instagram post that the swelling on Duncan’s brain had “drastically decreased.” Amy also said that the battle “is still challenging at times … of course that is when speaking about anything but baseball.”

3. Prior to Their January 2011 Wedding, Chris Secretly Learned to Play the Piano in Order to Surprise His Wife

Prior to the couple’s January 2011 marriage, Chris secretly learned to play the piano so that he could surprise Amy at their wedding, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The couple’s wedding took place at the Westin Ballpark hotel in St. Louis, beside the Cardinals’ Busch Stadium.

In a 2018 her blog for Medium, Amy wrote that she met her husband while line dancing. She added that after her graduation for college, she spent time on the road with him. Amy wrote of that time, “Looking back I see that I probably wasn’t the best girlfriend during that time. At the age of 24, most women are very much in discovery mode, learning who they are, who they want to become, and how they are going to get there. Chris had just won a World Series in 2006 and was comfortable in his skin and I was very much the opposite.” Amy said that the couple referred to the summer as the Summer of Love.

4. The Duncans Founded a Self-Help Business Together in 2016

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Throughout this journey of getting Mowellens up and running the hardest thing is sacrificing time with this guy. I do my best to juggle it all and master the switches in my life….the business, my marriage, my dogs, dragon, family and friends. After flying to Nashville this past weekend….I realized I needed to put my head down a bit more than I have been (which is even more narrow focused….). You hear all the time how challenging it is to start a business. How the people who are willing to work the hardest and sacrifice the most are the ones who make it. How you have to be ready to work harder than you ever have before. I can tell you first hand this is true. Yesterday I told Chris….I have to do me and focus only on my needs for a short moment. I can’t give anymore. I’m going dark and I’m putting my head down until this gets better and smoother and running. So here is my apology if I don’t text you back, offer to meet for coffee, hang out, or give as I have before. I need to do me. I owe it to myself right now. This isn’t selfish. This is self full and I believe right now…in this moment….this is what it’s going to take. PS….this guy will be the first to get my time when I lift my head up for some balance. It’s hustle time. ♥️ #livingduncan #iamwellandgood #selfcaretips #bemindful #mindfulmovement #mindfulfitness #mindfulness #strongnotskinny #beautyontheinside #thisiswellness #bewell #loveyourself #loveothers #mindandbody #mindbodygreen #selfawareness #gratitude #bemindful #dateyourspouse #couplegoals #myperson #selflove #girlbosslife #femalehustler #futureisfemale #femaleversionofahustler #shakebabyshake #onward #gottago #yougottadowhatyougottado

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According to Amy’s Facebook page, she studied business marketing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, graduating in 2009, and of Hazelwood West High School in Hazelwood, Missouri. Since graduating from college, Amy worked for various companies in the medical and technology fields.

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I was listening to the Super Soul Conversations podcast part 2 today with Dr Phil. One of the questions he asked was “Are you living an assigned life?” Are you living the life that people expected of you…whether it be your parents, society, your school….and you never took the time to ask yourself what YOU wanted to do. I remember the day I turned 16 walking into Steak n Shake to get my first job. I made $2.13/hr plus tips. I remember telling my family I wanted to be in “Sales”….my mom the principal and my dad the engineer….replied….what about a pharmacist? I remember when I told people I wanted to start a cannabis company. The looks of question and concern for my safety, stability, and success. All of the times I changed jobs or had a new ? idea… was to break free….to be more….to step into my potential….to align with my values and be vulnerable. My personality is one that is kind, patient and understanding….and assertive, opinionated, and determined. Breaking free from an assigned life is where I thrive. Are you living an assigned life? . . . . . . . . #purposedrivenlife #youonlyliveonce #itsworthit #iwillwhatiwant #whoruntheworld #livingduncan #nevergonnagiveyouup #thinkbig #impretty #youareworthy #betruetoyourself #loveothers #growthmindset #selfempowerment #bekindtooneanother #niketraining #notalone #pushforward #trustyourjourney #energyiseverything #bethelight #bemindful #powerofpositivity #takeachance #createyourlife #powerofthemind #healthymindhealthybody #athletelife #trainingforlife #laguna

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In 2016, Amy and Chris Duncan founded Living Duncan. The organization is described as “a baseball player and a business woman providing inspiration, motivation, fitness and adventure. Through challenges, changes, and cancer we continue to live positvely, spread joyful vibes and have a lovely marriage. Our mission is to help you stay true to you, live your best self, and relentlessly pursue your dreams.”

5. Amy Duncan Launched a Company that Uses Cannabis to ‘Improve the Quality of People’s Lives’

In January 2017, founded a business named Mowellens that uses cannabis and hemp oils to improve the quality of people’s lives. On her Instagram bio, Amy says that she is a “Plant whisperer. Wellness survivor. Fearless leader. Energy seeker.”

While on her LinkedIn page, Amy adds, “On a mission to inspire you to live your best life with simple, clean, plant-based products.”

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