Patriots Advise Antonio Brown To Cease Intimidating Messages: Report

Antonio Brown Patriots Signing Bonus

Getty Antonio Brown.

The Antonio Brown saga continues to heat up following a string of intimidating text messages sent to one of his accusers in a group chat on Thursday.

Now, it appears his team, the New England Patriots” >New England Patriots, have given an ultimatum. In a statement given to Sports Illustrated writer Robert Klemko, the NFL told one of his sources that the Patriots advised Antonio Brown to cease all contact with his accuser.

Klemko also posted a copy of the letter sent to the NFL, Patriots, and Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus detailing the events from Thursday night.

Brown has been the top news topic around the Patriots organization since signing for the team. Stemming from his controversial, pre-meditated release from Oakland to his sexual assault allegations among other accusations from former associates, it hasn’t been easy for Brown to keep a low profile on his new team.

The Patriots receiver, who was not placed on the commissioner’s exempt list given there was no criminal investigation, featured last week in a victory over the Dolphins. Brown reeled in four passes for 56 yards and touchdown in a 43-0 New England victory.

Belichick’s Bizarre Press Conference

On Friday, Belichick addressed the Antonio Brown situation in his opening statement saying the team was taking the situation very seriously and looking into some things. Despite Belichick asking for strictly football questions pertaining to Sunday’s game against the Jets, it didn’t deter reporters from asking the hard-hitting questions.

After less than three minutes, Belichick said he was done with all of that and walked off stage without taking a single question on the Jets game or any other Patriots player. It was a similar tactic to one Belichick used last week when he requested no questions about Antonio Brown before walking out less than four minutes into his scheduled press conference.

It was clearly the last straw for Belichick as well, as the Patriots released Brown later that day. It was the third time this year a team got rid of Brown in some form. The Steelers traded Brown to the Raiders who released him two weeks ago. He was picked up by the Patriots hours later and subsequently released after appearing in just one game.

Sports Illustrated Fabrication

There was also an interesting tweet that came out Friday afternoon on Sports Illustrated darkening the color of Antonio Brown’s skin in one of their photos in Klemko’s article.

The article was published just a day after his first, and only, game with the Patriots. It included several sources accusing Antonio Brown of skimping out on payments or engaging in sexual misconduct with some of his employees.

One of those accusers was an artist who painted a mural for Brown at his Pittsburgh home, the same one who allegedly was threatened by Brown in those text messages. The saga has gone on for years with Brown, and has included the use of his associates to create a separation between Brown and those he hires for work. Brown, through all of it, maintains his innocence.

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