Terrell Owens Sounds Off About Antonio Brown [WATCH]

Terrell Owens

Getty Terrell Owens could have been the greatest receiver in Eagles franchise history.

At first glance, Terrell Owens appears to be the last person that should be giving Antonio Brown advice. Then again, he’s probably the perfect person to whisper in the diva wide receiver’s ear.

Owens, who was serving a guest host on ESPN’s First Take, gave an open and honest opinion about his feelings on Brown and how the Raiders should move forward. The situation in Oakland has reached critical mass with the All-Pro lobbying for his immediate release from the team on Instagram. The shocking post came one day after a heated exchange between him and Raiders GM Mike Mayock.

Owens, of course, can relate somewhat to what Brown is going through. The Hall of Famer forced his own exit out of Philadelphia in 2006 after a bitter feud that involved criticizing management, feuding with Donovan McNabb, violating team policies and one epic sit-up interview in the driveway of his Moorestown, NJ home. The Eagles suspended him for seven games before releasing him.

Their situations are very different. Owens was demanding a new contract because he felt he had outplayed his deal. Meanwhile, Brown has gone down a maniacal road rooted in a strange cryo-chamber accident and his unwillingness to conform to the NFL’s helmet policy. Owens took to the airwaves to offer help to Brown, saying that the receiver needs to “look in the mirror.”

“They [the Raiders] knew what they were getting … I don’t think they knew it was this bad,” Owens said. “But this is something, what we mentioned is self-inflicted. Antonio Brown needs to look honestly in the mirror and change some things about him the person.

“The football player we know is going to come to show up,” Owens continued. “But him the person, those are some things he needs to change.”

Terrell Owens Left the Eagles on Bad Terms

Terrell Owens’ infamous press conference where he addressed reporters shirtless while doing sit-ups in his driveway was arguably the watershed moment of his career in Philadelphia. Well, maybe Berlin Wall moment would be a better term. That debacle basically spelled the end of Owens and the Eagles ever rectifying their contract stalemate.

The event was must-watch TV. And if it seemed too good to be true, that’s because it was. Owens revealed in 2018 on the “Simms and Lefkoe” Show that he was being coached by his publicist every step of the way. The receiver struck PR gold.

Per Sports Illustrated: Owens revealed on Bleacher Report’s “Simms and Lefkoe” show that he was being coached every step of the way by his publicist. In 2005 it was totally normal for people to walk around wearing bluetooth earpieces, so no one really thought anything of it when they saw Owens wearing one while he did his crunches. In reality, Owens had called his publicist and she was talking him through everything.

“She was listening to every question that was being asked of me,” Owens said. “She basically told me what to say, what not to say.”

Terrell Owens Reveals the Truth Behind Infamous Driveway Workout (Untold Stories)TO tells the REAL story behind his infamous driveway workout, which was the result of an argument with Eagles coach Andy Reid and ended with him doing situps in his driveway while being interviewed by reporters. Find more exclusive sports coverage: bleacherreport.com/ Subscribe: youtube.com/user/BleacherReport?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/bleacherreport Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/bleacherreport2018-10-18T00:15:01.000Z

McNabb to Owens on First Play from Scrimmage

Although the relationship didn’t last for more than two seasons, the Donovan McNabb-to-Terrell Owens connection was electric for that short combustible era of Eagles football. The team had been unable to clear the NFC Championship Game hurdle before Owens got there, then they went 13-3 in 2004 and cruised to the franchise’s first Super Bowl since 1980. Despite losing to the Patriots, Owens was arguably the game’s MVP.

Owens was the stud receiver McNabb had long wanted but never had. The two made beautiful music together until it went crazily off-key. In his Eagles debut — and on the very first play from scrimmage — McNabb hit Owens deep on an 81-yard touchdown bomb. Phil Simms was the announcer and even he knew the ball was going to Owens. It didn’t matter. The Vikings couldn’t stop it.

Debut of Terrell Owens as an EagleDebut game of highly anticipated player T.O. turned out to be the biggest douche bag ever.He ruined a chance to become a GOD,Leader and a Winner in Philadelphia.2008-12-31T15:06:30.000Z

Owens made 124 receptions for 1,963 yards and 20 touchdowns in two tumultuous years in Philadelphia. He still ranks No. 39 on the franchise’s all-time receiving list. His tenure with the Eagles was great, but it could have been so much better.

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