Lions’ Matthew Stafford Mocked in Internet Video [WATCH]

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford stretches prior to a Lions game.

The Detroit Lions are no strangers to being the punchline throughout their history, but they along with their quarterback Matthew Stafford have taken a recent shot which seems lower than most.

Bleacher Report put out another installment of their Gridiron Heights parody series, and Stafford was the target. The video profiles Stafford while showing several of the other quarterbacks and personalities of the NFC North and is a parody of the Joker movie with Stafford detailing several of his career failings through the years.

Here’s a look:

Stafford is referred to as “Pad Statford” in the video, is mocked for “almost beating the Kansas City Chiefs,” and is finally shown concluding the Lions are a “comedy, not a tragedy.”

The video, while intending to be funny and parody a current film, seems a bit over the top at this very moment. The Lions are 2-1-1 and have actually been a revelation thus far this NFL season for their solid play. Stafford himself is off to a nice start with 6 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions thus far this season. He’s also had to deal with some scary health problems of his wife along with his young family.

There’s a time and a place to poke fun at an athlete or a team. For Stafford and the Lions, this probably isn’t it.

Detroit running back Kerryon Johnson, who’s likeness was depicted in the video, didn’t seem to enjoy what he was seeing and wasn’t ready to take the joke.

Perhaps this unwarranted attack on the team’s unquestioned leader can serve as motivation for the Lions to quiet the haters around the league.

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Anything But a Choker

Interestingly, Stafford is referred to as a “choker” in the video, in addition to “mediocre.” Throughout his career, he’s been anything but that, especially in the fourth quarter. Stafford has led 28 total fourth quarter comebacks, tied for the fourth highest amount amongst quarterbacks. The Lions never seem to be out of a game with him at the helm.

While Stafford is still searching for his first playoff win and his resume does have some key holes, it seems hardly fair to blame him for the failings of the entire franchise during the time he has been there. With improvements on defense and Darrell Bevell helping to lead the way, the hope is the Lions can formulate the type of balanced attack a quarterback needs to win in the league.

Stafford has been solid at a position the Lions struggled at for decades before him. While he is routinely mocked for putting up stats, the Lions have had plenty of quarterbacks who couldn’t even survive long enough to do that.

All Class

Stafford, who isn’t on social media and doesn’t involve himself much with the internet, likely wouldn’t think much of this video. He barely involves himself with opinions from the outside world, and doesn’t routinely make appearances on the internet even when his wife attempts to make him an Instagram star during a bye week.

Likely, Stafford would simply ignore the video, have a classy response or simply let the stupidity roll off his back. It’s why he’s the perfect man for the job in Detroit, no matter the type of taunts he might be hit with.

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