WATCH: Dagestani Man Throws Water Bottle at Conor McGregor

Dagestani man confronts McGregor after scandalous Moscow presserA Dagestani man confronted Conor McGregor after the brash Irishman insulted the region during his Moscow press conference. Courtesy: Subscribe to RT Sport! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram #ConorMcGregor #McGregor #UFC2019-10-25T18:24:20.000Z

A Dagestani man threw a water bottle at Conor McGregor in Russia on October 25. The day previously, McGregor, 31, said he wouldn’t go to Dagestan to “take a s***.” The video of the incident was first uploaded by Russia Today.

McGregor had said that all Dagestani people have been mean to him. The man asked McGregor, “All the people? My father, my brother … you think are all cowards?” McGregor replied, “Yes, yes, yes.” The man yelled, “My father?! What did he do to you?! My brother, what did he do to you?!” That’s when the man threw the bottle. As he was escorted out, McGregor could be heard saying, “Shut up you fool.” McGregor looked a bit angry but didn’t budge from his spot as the man was removed from the scene.

McGregor Has Experience With Water Bottle Throwing at Press Conferences

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Prior to the water bottle conference, McGregor said that he would fight three times in the UFC in 2020, the first on January 18. His opponent has not been announced but one man mentioned has been Nate Diaz. In 2016, prior to the pair’s fight, McGregor threw water bottles at Diaz’s entourage during a particularly aggressive press conference.

The Russian Republic of Dagestan is located in the southeastern part of the country, close to Chechyna and Georgia, along the Caspian Sea. In 2011, the BBC labeled the region, “The Most Dangerous Place in Europe.” It’s also the home of McGregor’s rival Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian fighter defeated McGregor in the Irish fighter’s last UFC bout in October 2018.

A Man Throwing Water Bottles Is the Least of McGregor’s Worries Right Now

Conor McGregor bottle

GettyIrish MMA star pictured in January 2019.

The water bottle-throwing incident is the least of McGregor’s worries, with the former UFC champion facing three separate rape accusations in Ireland. At the Russian press conference, a reporter was shut down when he tried to ask McGregor a question about the sexual assault cases.

McGregor has also been formally charged with assault after he was recorded punching a man in the head in a Dublin pub. McGregor was promoting his Proper 12 whiskey brand at the time.

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