Mark Cuban Eyeing Wrestling Match With Donald Trump, Vince McMahon?

Mark Cuban WWE

Getty Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is not a stranger to the WWE Universe by any means. Cuban first made an appearance in a WWE ring back in 2003 at Survivor Series in Dallas, Texas.

The segment featured former Raw general manager Eric Bishoff throw down the gauntlet to Mark Cuban, stating if he had something to say, that he should say it to his face. The two would get into a shoving match, which ended with Bishoff on his back, but WWE superstar Randy Orton came down to the ring, snuck up behind Cuban, and when he turned around, Orton hit him with his signature finisher the “RKO.”


Cuban would make another appearance in the WWE Universe back in 2009 as a guest host on Raw in Dallas.  In one of the segments, he moderated a contract signing for John Cena and Sheamus for the upcoming pay-per-view TLC [Tables, Ladders & Chairs]. The segment would end with Sheamus putting Cuban through a table.

Mark Cuban Returning to a WWE Ring?

Recently Mark Cuban was asked if the world could see a match that would feature President Donald Trump, Vince McMahon, and Mark Cuban.

“I don’t know, anything is possible, I would get in the ring with Donald,” Cuban told me.

I also asked him what type of match it would be involving him, Trump and McMahon.

“Any kind,” Cuban said. “I have taken my bumps before – I have been through a table, and I have been RKOed by Randy Orton. I can take anything,” said the Mavericks owner.

I pitched out the idea of a triple threat match featuring the three billionaires, and Cuban appeared to be on board with that idea.

“I’m down! Winner takes all – three-man enter, one man leaves,” said Cuban.

WWE Hall of Famer Donald Has Been Featured in Other Segments Over the Years

President Donald Trump hosted back-to-back WrestleManias at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, N.J., which is the only time it has happened in the company’s history, according to The 45th President of the United States of America has also appeared on an episode of Monday Raw during with storyline where he is seen buying the flagship program from Vince McMahon in the season opener of 2009.

Interestingly, Cuban is not the only person who would like to challenge Trump to a WWE match.

Earlier this week, Universal Champion Seth Rollins, while at the Fandemic Tour 2019, in Houston, Texas, also named dropped the 45th president as his choice during a question and answer segment of the event.

Nick White of the Dallas Sports Fanatics tweeted out a video featuring Seth Rollins saying he would like to face Trump in a wrestling match.

According to multiple reports, FOX Network, which is the home of Friday Night Smackdown, has been lobbying for the WWE to attempt to feature Trump on their program, since it has been reported that FOX is one of the president’s favorite channels to tune into. A staff member from the Smackdown Live creative team stated that a cameo for President Trump was being written.

He said: “Fox has asked for Trump, so I’m trying to write something short and easy for him that makes him look good.

“Vince [McMahon] doesn’t like us to say anything bad about Trump, so I’m just doing the best I can.”

But now it appears Trump won’t be returning to the ring just yet after wrestling journalist Brad Shepard revealed on his podcast that the President’s diary was “too full.”

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