Jadeveon Clowney Opens Up on Texans Trading With Seahawks or Eagles

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Getty The Seahawks chances to re-sign Jadeveon Clowney appear to be increasing.

Heading into Week 6, Jadeveon Clowney opened up about the Houston Texans trade that landed him on the Seattle Seahawks. During an interview on the RapSheet and Friends podcast with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the star defensive end admitted that he expected to be with the Texans until about two weeks before the season started. Clowney also noted that the Philadelphia Eagles were very much in play as a potential trade partner for the Texans.

“I thought I was going to be in Houston and then the next call [I] was getting ready to go into training camp, like two weeks [before the season],” Clowney explained on the RapSheet and Friends podcast. “Bill O’Brien was like, ‘We’re trading you.’ I was just like, oh, okay, well, I am going to hold off on signing now because I don’t know where I am getting traded to. He was like, ‘We don’t know where we are going to send you, but we are trading you.'”

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien informed Clowney that the team was trading him but did not know what team would acquire the pass rusher. Clowney confirmed he did not want to be on the Miami Dolphins and that the Seahawks along with the Eagles were two of the top potential landing spot. Clowney denied that he demanded to be traded only to the Seahawks or Eagles, but the defensive end admitted he was okay playing on either team.

“Not necessarily [only playing for Seahawks or Eagles],” Clowney noted. “Miami, yeah, I didn’t want to go, but [I told the Texans] send me to a team that’s got a chance to win. When I heard about Seattle and Philly, I said, ‘Of course.’ [I want to play with either team] and got guys on both of those teams that I have played with before. So, I would love to play with either one of those teams. So, either one of them worked.”

With Free Agency Looming, Clowney Enjoys Playing in Seattle

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Clowney can be a free agent after the 2019 NFL season and will have no shortage of suitors. So far, it sounds like Clowney’s new marriage with the Seahawks is working, and the star pass rusher is enjoying the Pacific Northwest.

“I’ve been thinking about that [Seahawks fans],” Clowney reflected. “How crazy the fans are and this team. Man, this team that I am on now, it is just a lot different. A lot of older guys that know how to prepare like pros and come in and take care of their business. We prepare so well going into gamedays, I never even worry. Just come and play the game and have a good time.”

Clowney Likes Living in the Pacific Northwest

Seahawks fans are sure to take Clowney’s latest comments as a positive sign looking ahead towards free agency. Clowney also noted he is enjoying living in Seattle with a little bit of cooler weather than the South.

“I’ve just been checking out new spots and restaurants and seeing what the city has to offer,” Clowney said. “I’ve been outside probably more here, even though it’s a little colder, but its cooler. It’s not hot, hot, hot. So, just get out…[Seattle] It’s been good to me since I’ve been here.”