Seahawks’ Chris Carson Trucks Earl Thomas in Seattle Return [WATCH]

Former Seahawks safety Earl Thomas received mostly cheers in his return to Seattle, but running back Chris Carson was not as kind to his old teammate. As the Seahawks were in the red zone, Thomas attempted to come down and tackle Carson, but the physical back lowered his shoulder knocking Thomas to the ground.

Leading up to the matchup, Thomas termed the game “business as usual.” The former fan-favorite admitted he would like to be cheered instead of booed when he returned to Century Link Field.

“Hopefully they respect what I’ve done, get a couple of cheers and not too many boos,” Thomas said, per ESPN. “Hopefully, it’s love…Luckily, I just love the game. It doesn’t matter who I’m playing for. I’m just going out there to try to win. Maybe when I get to the visiting locker room and see how it feels, maybe it will add something to that. But, other than that, it’s business as usual. I’m going out there to make plays and try to help us win.”

Russell Wilson Called Earl Thomas One of the Best Safeties to Ever Play in the NFL

Thomas’ frustration appeared to be with Pete Carroll and the front office rather than the players. The safety remains on good terms with many of the Seahawks players including Russell Wilson. The Seahawks quarterback spoke highly about Thomas during his weekly press conference.

I hate having to play Earl, because we spent so much time together. You think about all the fun moments together, just everything else. It’s been cool. All the games we were able to find a way to win and all the amazing plays he’s made. He’s as good as it gets. When you think about safeties, to be honest with you, he is one of the top one, two or three safeties to ever play the game, in my opinion. You know, you think about the Polamalus, you think about Ed Reed, you think about Earl, you think about Lott too, he’s an amazing player. There’s been some great players and he is one of those. I love Earl as a person. I love him as a player. I loved him as a teammate. Facing him every day for seven years, it was always a tough challenge every day in practice. He was amazing just how fast he was [a] sideline to sideline kind of guy. Physical, he brought it every day.

Thomas Received Mostly Cheers in His Return to Seattle

Fox Sports reported that Thomas was greeted with mostly cheers from Seahawks fans. Thomas’ last image as a member of the Seahawks was him flipping off the Seattle sideline as he was carted off the field. Pete Carroll noted that he had no hard feelings towards Thomas.

“Obviously he was upset,” Carroll noted when asked about the gesture, per The Seattle Times. “But, my heart’s pretty big, pretty wide open to these guys from the time we spend together and all the stuff that we do. It’s way more important than some gesture or some statement. … I kind of have space for them to be themselves and how they do it and how they handle it — I’m going to love them anyway.”