Ex-NBA Player Calls out Mason Rudolph for Myles Garrett Fight

Myles Garrett Mason Rudolph

Getty Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph fights with Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

The NFL dropped the hammer on Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett following the fight that broke out between him and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. Garrett removed Rudolph’s helmet and when things escalated, swung it at the Steelers quarterback, making contact with his head.

The NFL announced that they had suspended Garrett for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs without pay. Garrett will also have to meet with the commissioner’s office before being reinstated for the 2020 season.

The NFL also suspended Maurkice Pouncey for three games without pay along with defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, who was suspended for one game without pay for their role in the altercation between Rudolph and Garrett. The league fined both the Browns and Steelers organizations $250,000.

When the punishments were announced by NFL Senior Vice President of Football Michael Signora, Mason Rudolph’s name was nowhere to be found. However, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported the Steelers quarterback will be fined for his role in the incident.

Former NBA Veteran Matt Barnes Weighed in on the Altercation

On Friday, former Golden State Warriors forward Matt Barnes revealed his thoughts on the altercation between the Steelers and Browns from Thursday night’s matchup.

“I want to address this Myles Garrett situation real quick,” said Barnes. “I think everybody agrees that he went overboard. Should have definitely never should have used a helmet to swing at dude [Mason Rudolph], but I think what is being missed in the whole situation is, and I’ve seen a couple of outlets touch on this today was the quarterback’s involvement in this.”

Barnes proceeded to speak about the role Rudolph played in the situation.

“Let’s keep in mind, none of this s*** would have happened if he didn’t try to pull Garrett’s helmet off. I’m sure he was frustrated; he had a horrible game, threw four picks, and was just frustrated. He had a natural reaction, but you have to think him trying to pull Garrett’s helmet off is what caused all this s***.”

“It didn’t work, Garrett pulled his helmet off and his two o-linemen were trying to defuse the situation, and he got up like Superman and tries to charge Garrett. Knowing that if Garrett didn’t have a helmet and just his hand, he would have whooped dude’s a** anyway,” Barnes said.

“I think the suspension fits – the rest of the season is what? Like six or seven more games. It shouldn’t go into next season, and there shouldn’t be any charges pressed.”



Garrett Will Appeal His Suspension

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning that Garrett and his representation found a loophole in the NFL CBA that could shorten his suspension. The third-year defensive end out of Texas A&M could argue that the CBA doesn’t allow indefinite suspensions for on-field misconduct incidents.

Rapoport also reported Garrett intended to appeal his suspension.

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