Eagles Send Representative to Watch Colin Kaepernick Workout

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The Eagles sent a representative to watch Colin Kaepernick’s private workout in Atlanta. They were the first team confirmed to have an executive there.

Vice-President of Football Operations Andrew Berry was spotted at Kaepernick’s workout after it was moved from the Falcons practice facility to a small college about 60 miles away. Berry is largely considered GM Howie Roseman’s right-hand man, or the guy that replaced Joe Douglas.

Kaepernick’s side decided to change locations of the workout one hour before the scheduled start time at 3 p.m. after the NFL refused to allow TV cameras and media into the event. His side wanted to “ensure transparency” and not having media there became a sticking point. Kaepernick wanted to put on a real showcase, instead of a PR stunt.

Pederson Hints Eagles Will Attend Kaepernick Workout

The Eagles weren’t one of the initial 11 teams listed as attending Colin Kaepernick’s private workout on Saturday in Atlanta. That doesn’t mean they won’t be represented since they still have 24 hours to make that decision.

Head coach Doug Pederson confirmed that he won’t personally be there. He has to get his team ready to play the Patriots, but the assumption remains the Eagles organization will put in their due diligence and check in on Kaepernick.

“I would assume that we would [attend]. We’re in season so I can’t be there,” Pederson said. “I’m comfortable with the guys we have but I would assume that we would have somebody there.”

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie commented on the organization taking a chance on Kaepernick last year and made it clear it would have to make sense from a football standpoint.

“We are completely happy with our quarterback situation. Like every position situation, if that happened we’d have to fully evaluate it,” Lurie said, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “With Michael Vick, there was a complete vetting of: How is he as a teammate? What is his character? What’s his potential? What’s his football intelligence?”