Eagles Pulling Out Alternate Uniforms for Bears Game

Getty Jake Elliott of the Philadelphia Eagles

Maybe a fan-favorite uniform will jolt the Eagles. On Friday, the team announced it was going “back in black.”

That’s right. The Eagles will make their (hopefully) triumphant return to Lincoln Financial Field wearing their all-black uniforms.

It’s a move normally reserved for prime-time matchups. Throw that out the window. They need to capture lightning in a bottle right now.

The Eagles went 1-1 in the all-black uniforms last season, including a heartbreaking loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. In 2017, the team went 2-1 in the intimidating color scheme.

Eagles Fans Excited about Black Uniforms

Any time the Eagles announce they are donning black uniforms, fans eat it up. It’s arguably their favorite alternate jersey. The move, whether perceived or real, indicates the Birds mean business.

On Friday, fans stormed social media to express their intense pleasure over the decision to go “back in black.” Excitement boiled over.

The comments were hilarious, ranging from making fun of Mitch Trubisky …

To fans sharing the exact jersey they plan on wearing to the Linc on Sunday …

To some offering subtle tweaks to the color scheme. White pants anyone?

Eagles Owner Working on Bringing Back Kelly Green

Owner Jeffrey Lurie mentioned back in March that he wanted to bring back the Kelly green jerseys at some point in the near future. The issue has to do with the NFL not allowing a secondary helmet and the Eagles want a Kelly green helmet to match the uniforms.

The Eagles are only allowed to wear one helmet during the season: the traditional green one with Eagles wings emblazoned on it. There was no indication if or when that rule may change from the league office.

“The whole key is that we want a Kelly green helmet to go with the Kelly green jerseys,” Lurie told Philly Voice in March. “We’re trying to get the league to allow a second helmet. That’s where it’s at, so they very much know we want this and we want it badly, and we’re waiting.”

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