Lions Takeaways: David Blough Earns Another Start With Solid Game

David Blough

Getty David Blough against the Bears.

The Detroit Lions got off to a red hot start on Thanksgiving Day against the Chicago Bears, but as they have done so commonly lately, the team still found a way to blow the game.

In spite of being boosted by the early performance of David Blough at quarterback, the Lions couldn’t apply enough pressure in order to put the game out of reach. The Lions settled for field goals while the Bears chipped away at the Detroit lead with touchdowns. Late in the game, Detroit imploded and couldn’t get the job done, falling apart and allowing the Bears to steamroll them for the 24-20 win.

Detroit had collapsed in yet another Thanksgiving game, and fell to 3-8-1 on the season. About the only positive thing about the effort other than Blough was the team gaining in draft status.

Here’s a look at the biggest takeaways from Detroit’s perspective after another tough Thanksgiving loss.

David Blough Made a Good Impression

The Lions could have gotten steamrolled with a third string rookie quarterback under center, but instead, they managed to have a strong game. Blough showed off plenty of tools on the field including his ability to step up and make throws. Arguably, he had more tools to show off than Jeff Driskel. It’s possible Blough will be in demand after showing what he can do, but right now, the Lions have a chance to keep him and keep feeding him. Blough earned another look next week over Driskel no matter what.

Matt Patricia’s Coaching Cost Detroit Again

The coach is simply making too many mistakes to hurt the team at this point. Late in the game with the Bears driving, Patricia didn’t have the self-awareness to call timeout and make sure his offense and young quarterback was ready. Patricia also didn’t bother challenging what looked like a questionable catch on the sidelines by Anthony Miller. The Lions were sloppy again from the top down, making far too many mistakes in between the lines in terms of penalties. That all reflects poorly on the coaching staff, and it’s getting harder to make a compelling argument as it relates to why Patricia should keep his job.

Detroit’s Defense is Beyond Repair

The Lions simply don’t have enough playmakers to compensate for a bad scheme. That’s tough news, and it’s going to take a ton of offseason construction to turn things around for the team. New cornerbacks are needed, and it might even be a new scheme is necessary after the Lions constantly looked to be out of position and slow on the afternoon. What is an inept Bears offense carved Detroit up fairly easily. That’s a bad look and is something that has to be addressed.

The Lions Should Tank

It’s time to fully embrace the tank if you’re the Lions. The team needs impact players everywhere, and will have a chance to get them if they get a high pick in the draft. Matthew Stafford shouldn’t see the field again, and the Lions need to make sure they do whatever they can to get the best pick they can. This is hardly breaking news, but after the season has spiraled like it has, it’s the only path forward.

Lion? Kenny Golladay, WR. Another big day for the top Detroit wideout and he started it with a big play. It was good to see Golladay get into the end zone and make a big impact on the offense. He’s been missed in a major way the last few weeks. Perhaps the Lions can get him more involved.

Lamb? Justin Coleman, CB. Coleman was burnt to a crisp all afternoon by the Bears, and was hurt on the last drive multiple times. He’s been good this season, but this was his roughest day on the field by far. Not a great look for Coleman whatsoever.

Stat to Note: 331, the number of passing yards Detroit allowed on the day. The secondary is so bad they can’t even stop what had been an inept Chicago passing attack and offense. The Lions were cooked by one too many big plays by a bad Bears offense. It was arguably the worst performance of the season.

He Said It: “Some good, but go back and watch the tape and learn and keep on improving.” -David Blough. Even though he had a solid first start, Blough wasn’t satisfied with just being average. He wants to continue to build upon the start, and the Lions should give him the chance.

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