Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Danica Patrick Praises Packers QB

Danica Patrick Boyfriend

Getty Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers pictured at a Bucks NBA playoff game.

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend, Danica Patrick, took to Instagram to send the Packers quarterback a sweet message on his birthday. Patrick called Rodgers her “best friend and favorite person in the world” amidst a lengthy message she posted about the NFL star. The message was accompanied with a photo of the couple on the beach.

“Happy birthday to my best friend and favorite person in the world!!!!! You are the one I want to tell my best and worst days to first. ?? I am so grateful the universe made you!!! The star dust started it all, but you have done nothing but make it better every year of your life. Thank you for being the loving, generous, thoughtful, patient, fun, funny, spontaneous, talented, smart, and uber attractive man, that I get to walk through life with. This journey we are on…. it’s a really really good one. I love you. ❤️ Happiest of birthdays yet!!!!!!” Patrick noted on Instagram.

Patrick has also been posting photos of herself and friends decked out in Packers gear. During one post earlier this season, she admitted that they were trying to get Rodgers attention on his way to the locker room.

“10-3 ? ???? We all try really hard to help him find us when he walks to the tunnel by yelling and waving… Next time. ?,” Patrick noted on Instagram.

Danica Patrick Recently Talked About Marriage

Patrick recently discussed the idea of marriage during an interview on “The Jenny McCarthy Show”. Patrick noted the couple is trying to enjoy each day as it comes but seemed open to the idea down the road.

“You know what, that’s one of those things,” Patrick explained, per Fox News. “You can’t be attached to something going a certain way because if you really want something to happen, there’s that equal energy of being afraid that it’s not going to happen. So you just have to let it go and be like, ‘Well, am I having fun today? Yep.’ Then life’s good.”

Patrick & Rodgers Have Traveled the World Together

Rodgers opened up about their relationship during a 2018 interview with Artful Living. When Rodgers is not on the football field, the couple enjoys traveling the world together.

“We really enjoy traveling,” Rodgers noted to Artful Living. “She went on the trip to India and Africa, and we had a blast. And we’ve taken some trips domestically that have been fun. I’m a little further out there in my love for history; I want to go to historical sites around the world. She’s getting into it as well, but she’s spontaneous. She’s up for anything travel-wise, which is fun. She’s a good travel partner because she’s so laid-back and low-maintenance. And she’s a hell of a cook, so we love just staying in, too. She eats really healthy. She’s inspired me in that way.”