Actor Says Lakers’ LeBron James is ‘Fakest’ Player in NBA [WATCH]

Getty Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis, LeBron James and JaVale McGee.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James made headlines on Wednesday night after he got away with one of the most blatant travels since Russell Westbrook’s against the Golden State Warriors on in 2017. It was so bad that it could be a ‘Shaqtin A Fool Moment’ in this season’s segment. He also caused a bit of a stir after he gave away his sneakers to a couple of fans during the game.

The Lakers were holding a sizeable lead against the Utah Jazz in the fourth quarter and James was sitting on the bench. He was most likely done for the night, considering the score at the time, and he decided to sign his sneakers and gift them to a young fan in attendance. This is something James has done countless times in the past.

Kyle Kuzma would later come up with back to back blocks in the quarter on Jazz backup center Tony Bradley and James can be seen celebrating on the court in his socks. The Utah Jazz broadcast team of Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring sounded off on it with obvious frustration.

“What is going on here? That’s some disrespect right there. Please.”

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Actor Thinks LeBron James is a Fake Goat

After the incident where LeBron can be seen celebrating without any shoes on went viral. Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport slammed James stating that he is a fake goat doesn’t respect the game.

“LeBron James AKA the fakest guy in the NBA,” said Rapaport. “LeBron James, the fakest guy in the NBA, that is why you were up dancing around with your shoes off disrespectful fake. The fakest guy in the NBA, where were your shoes did you send them off to China? Did you need to get them over to China to make a few extra bucks? You phony mother f**** put your shoes on. You respect the game, the players, then you are doing that bulls***. Yeah, you are more than an athlete; you are also a phony goofy mother f****.”

James Responds to the Criticism

On Thursday, James responded to all the criticism on his Instagram with a message that reads:

“Imagine doing your job at the highest level to where you’re not needed anymore, giving your shoes to a lil girl and boy who you inspire and hoped you made proud that night, then cheering on your teammates cause you love seeing them succeed more than yourself only to be criticized while doing it,” wrote James.

“People it’s the world we live in, and you can’t let it ever stop you from your purpose in life. Negativity, bad energy, hate, envy, etc., etc. will try to bring you down throughout your journey, and it’s up to you on how you handle it. I handle it by simply saying “Thank You” with a smile on my face and continue to push forward while doing it!”

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Jazz 121-96 improving their record to 19-4, while James recorded 20 points, 12 assists and four rebounds.

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