Saints Fan Promises David Blough Huge Gift for Win Over Packers

David Blough

Getty David Blough reacts during a play vs. the Broncos.

The Detroit Lions might not have much of a chance to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, but David Blough has been given some extra incentive anyway.

Blough, who has been forced into a starting role for the team since injury to Detroit’s top two quarterbacks have gone down, hasn’t won a game. But noted New Orleans Saints fan and car dealer Matt Bowers wants to see the Lions pull the upset over the Packers for playoff positioning for the Saints, so he’s making a big offer.

Bowers said on Twitter he will buy Blough a new car if he plays well enough to engineer an upset of the heavily-favored Packers.

Reached by in a piece, Bowers explained his offer in a bit more detail.

“He’s in Detroit, so I have to get him an American truck, right? I figure that’s good karma,” Bowers joked. “I can’t go back too far now. I’m all out there now.”

“Whatever we can do. Whatever he needs to be ready,” Bowers said. “I’ve seen crazier things happen. The Falcons came in here and beat us when they had two wins. They can do it. (Blough) has to believe they can do it. Whatever we can do to that go easier.”

Obviously, the Saints want to see the Packers lose to have a better shot at a higher seed, so they are all-in on the Lions being the ones to hand the Packers another late season loss.

Lions Statistical Domination vs. Packers

Do the Lions have a shot at winning? Perhaps, due to recent numbers saying so. In recent games against the Packers, the Lions have been able to overwhelm the opposition. They had outscored the Packers 127-51 prior to the loss, and have pounded Aaron Rodgers into submission. The Lions knocked Rodgers from the last game the sides played in 2018 and injured him. Detroit has also gotten solid play from Stafford in these games. In his last two against Green Bay, the quarterback has tossed 4 touchdowns.

Beating a team such as the Packers consistently starts with the ability to get good quarterback play and the Lions have seen that from Stafford as they have managed to overwhelm the Packers. They’ve forced turnovers, and have overwhelmed Green Bay to be a +6 in the turnover margin in these four contests.

Simply put, the Packers hadn’t given the Lions so much as a game since 2017 prior to this year in October. Obviously, the Lions will have to find a way to get back to these basics in the season finale.

The good news for Bowers? Detroit has won the last two season finales against Green Bay.

Why Lions Lost to Packers in October

During the October game, Detroit struggled to score despite a lighting quick start against the Packers and couldn’t muster nearly enough offense to get the job done.

Detroit managed to be doomed by a couple close calls, but mostly, they were doomed by their own inability to execute and get over the top in the moment. That has been a big problem most of the way in 2019 for the team.

In order to win this game, they will have to play much better. Many don’t see them being able to compete when all is said and done.

If Blough is motivated to get himself some new wheels and plays like it, however, anything is possible.

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