Marissa Mowry, Trevor Lawrence’s Girlfriend, Celebrates Clemson QB With Emotional Post

Marissa Mowry Trevor Lawrence girlfriend

Marissa Mowry Instagram Marissa Mowry, Trevor Lawrence's girlfriend.

Marissa Mowry is Trevor Lawrence’s longtime girlfriend. The two have been dating for several years now. Throughout the fall season and for several years now, Mowry has been steadfast in her support of the Clemson quarterback. She’s also become increasingly open about her feelings for the QB on her Instagram page.

Mowry and Lawrence have been together since 2016. She appears at many of his games and plays soccer at Anderson University. As far back as 2016, she wrote, “Even if ya didn’t think you played all that great, I’m still proud of you and how amazing you are, I love you???.” She’s only gotten more romantic since then.

On December 28, 2019, Clemson defeated Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl 29-23. Tonight, Lawrence will take on another star quarterback, Joe Burrow, in the national championship game against LSU.

You can read some of Mowry’s Instagram love posts to Lawrence below. “Couldn’t be happier or more thankful. I love this life I get to live?” she wrote in June 2019. Mowry has two stories saved on Instagram. One is devoted to Trevor, and the other is devoted to Jesus.

Mowry and Lawrence have been together since the eighth grade, but they broke up for a short period of time when he first went to Clemson. Here’s what you need to know:

Mowry on Her Relationship With Lawrence: ‘Every Day He Fights to Love Me More’

Marissa mowry

During her boyfriend’s second season with Clemson, Mowry has become more outspoken about their relationship, and has shared more about her experience dating Lawrence.

On September 15, Mowry posted a series of photos of Lawrence in his football gear on Instagram. She wrote,

Every day he fights to love me more.
He inspires me. He challenges me. He encourages me.
This season of life isn’t always easy, honestly it almost never is. The pressure, the expectations, the commitment, the fame… all of it isn’t ordinary. But that’s exactly who you’ve been called to be. Extraordinary. You stand in the light and let God shine brighter than anything else.

You show what true selfless love is. You show what passion is. What dedication looks like. I know I say it all the time but I’ll never stop saying how proud I am of not just what you do but who you are Trevor.
You make mountains look like hills and you walk your life with such grace and humility. I’m excited for this season of life for you. I’m excited for everything you have and will accomplish. & most of all I’m excited I get to be a part of it all.

Keep your head up, keep your eyes on what is important, & always remember how loved you are. You never stop amazing me?

Mowry has also showed photos of she and Lawrence attending Clemson’s football formal.

In a birthday post for Lawrence, she wrote, “Happy Birthday Trev! You’re the easiest person to celebrate!! I love you so much & I pray this year is the best yet❤️”

Over the summer, Mowry wrote in a post to Lawrence, “Hey @tlawrence16 let’s do this life together forever. I love you. So thankful for moments of peace with you & creating memories that last forever??”

Mowry has also talked at length about her shared faith with Lawrence; both she and Lawrence are deeply religious. Over the summer she posted a photo of her journal and wrote,

Just some thoughts I had on a conversation I had with my friend @haleydarnell ❤️

Insecurities as a girl in a relationship.

How many times as a girl have we used the excuse “I’m a girl so I’m more ______” that blank could be: needy, insecure, jealous, prone to get my feelings hurt, likely to cry and stay in a bad mood, need more attention, need more validation, need more affection.

While all those things can be valid. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being a “girl” when you start walking in that mindset and acting in that attitude you aren’t living as a daughter of King Jesus. You aren’t living in the security of who God has called you to be. You aren’t firm in your identity. You aren’t firm in who God calls you to be. You aren’t making God enough for you. You are complete before any guy!

Guys do have a role they’re supposed to filling and you need to have wisdom in if they’re treating you the way you deserve to be. But as girls I think it’s so easy to fall into being dependent on them making you feel enough. You’re more than enough. It’s not Trevor’s role to make me feel complete. I am complete in Jesus. You are complete in Jesus. You’re enough for him. You’re loved by him. He adores you.

We need to find a place of peace in who we are. Not letting our insecurities define our habits in our relationship. Not putting “I’m a girl so..” as a header of our relationship. Not putting more on our partner than they’re intended to carry. So much health will come into your relationships when you walk in the identity God has called you. When you walk in the truth of who you are. A daughter of God. When you join as two individually complete people. Know who you are. Stand firm in being a child. Walk in that light; always knowing he’s called you, he loves you, he adores you. You’re precious to him. You’re enough for him.

Like his girlfriend, Lawrence frequently posts about his relationship and his faith to Instagram.

Last July, he attended a week-long religious conference with Mowry. Of the conference, he wrote, “Most impactful week of my life. Amazed at God’s grace. Blessed to meet some amazing people and start this Journey of bringing some of the kingdom down here to Earth. Let that light shine!”

Mowry & Lawrence Broke Up When He First Arrived at Clemson

In an ESPN interview in 2019, Mowry revealed that she and Lawrence broke up for about a month when he first came to Clemson, and that her boyfriend had experienced a crisis of faith. He’d stopped attending church regularly, and now had to compete with a college senior for the Clemson quarterback position.

Mowry said, “That was a turning moment, just realizing he wasn’t the man he wanted to be.”

It’s not clear when, exactly, Mowry and Lawrence got back together. What is known is that Lawrence decided that he needed to be baptized again, per ESPN. He now frequently credits his Christian faith on social media, as does Mowry.

Mowry Is Also a Collegiate Athlete, & Plays Soccer

Marissa currently plays soccer as a forward at Anderson University.

In her recruiting announcement, Mowry was quoted as saying, “I just felt at home when I was there. I love the team and the girls and it’s an amazing program and school where I feel I can grow my walk with God.”

Mowry’s coach said of Mowry, “Marissa has a lot of upside. She is a solid athlete with good awareness. She has good shooting range and ability to find players in behind.”

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