Ravens Legend Tweets Excitement About Baltimore’s Passion for Team

Torrey Smith

Getty Torrey Smith celebrates a touchdown.

The Baltimore Ravens are enjoying a resurgent season in 2019, and it is giving fans in the city a chance to wrap their arms around the team in a very passionate way.

One person who has noticed this type of emotional response is former Baltimore wideout Torrey Smith. On the pulse of things this year, Smith says he can tell that the city of Baltimore is beginning to buzz about the Ravens again just like the old days, which is something that excites him greatly.

Here’s a look at what Smith wrote on Twitter:

Thus far this season, the Ravens have been one of the teams that has captivated the attention of the league. At 10=2 with wins over some of the elite squads in the league as well as with Lamar Jackson making an obvious case to become the NFL MVP, fans have plenty to cheer about and talk about.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed on Smith, who is very excited seeing folks pumped up about the team so much in 2019 after their great start to the season.

Torrey Smith Stats

It’s not a stretch to say that Smith carved out a legacy worth remembering while playing for the Ravens. In 2012, Smith was a second round pick out of Maryland and carved out a memorable four year career in the city. In his NFL career, Smith put up 5,141 yards and 41 touchdowns, helping Baltimore to win Super Bowl XLVII.

Smith would also go on to win Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles and would finish his career with the Carolina Panthers in 2018, but it’s safe to say being local after attending college and making an impact with the Ravens, his most memorable years for most fans came in Baltimore.

Ravens Super Bowl History

The Ravens have a chance to make some serious noise in 2019 thanks to their solid start, and if they are able to get back to their Super Bowl roots, it will become the third time the team has taken home a Lombardi Trophy. The 2000 Ravens managed to cruise to the title with defense, and the 2012 Ravens shocked plenty of folks to take home Super Bowl XLVII with their solid teamwork.

With the team coming back to relevance behind an exciting young quarterback and a defense which is also playing well, fans will undoubtably see parallels between this squad and some of Baltimore’s better teams of the past. All it takes to invigorate a fanbase is a winning team with captivating personalities.

Baltimore’s Super Bowl winners of the past have had these elements in spades. Names like Ray Lewis, Tony Siragusa, Shannon Sharpe, Haloti Ngata and certainly Smith himself come to mind as examples of Super Bowl winning players who have made a statement in the city.

Will names like Jackson, Earl Thomas and Marquise Brown join them? Fans should be excited to watch and see, and certainly, Smith sees them trending in that direction as the season pushes into the home stretch for 2019.

The passion might just be back in Baltimore for a winning football team.

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