Ex-NBA Vet Reveals Jamal Crawford’s Only Missing Accolade

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We are two weeks away from Christmas, and Jamal Crawford is still looking for an opportunity to continue his NBA career. Last month, during an interview with NBA.com’s Shaun Powell, the 19-year veteran shared that it’s baffling that he is not on an NBA roster currently.

“I know I can play, and I would think my reputation is still solid. It’s baffling to me,” said Crawford.

Two weeks ago, the Seattle native and Rainier Beach High School alum was a guest on ‘Don’t @ Me’ with host Rosalyn Gold-Onwude and the two talk about the waiting process. Crawford revealed it was ‘Weird.’

“Loving the game like I do, and being a part of the game for so long and still even now, I’ll text young players or Dm them curtain stuff that I see just advice. It’s just weird not being in the game, but I have faith it will happen,” Crawford said.

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Ex-NBA Veteran Thinks Crawford Will Be on a Roster This Season

Before the Sacramento Kings took on the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, I spoke with Kings’ great and another Seattle native, Doug Christie, about Crawford still being a free agent.

“I’m absolutely surprised, listen, I watch basketball all day every day. So, the ability for him to score the basketball, the ability for him to be a leader in the locker room,” said Christie.

“The things he has seen in an almost 20-year career are the type of things that need to be paid forward to a lot of these young players. So, I think Jamal Crawford will sign at some point, and I don’t understand why he is not signed, but I think for him, it will be a competitive team that’s vying for a championship because that is the last thing on his resume.”

Back in August, Jason Terry shared that he was surprised and embarrassing someone from his hometown that he has watched his development over the years is still looking for a job.

“I am surprised this is a young man that grew up in the same inner-city as myself in Seattle, Washington. I’ve watched his growth and development as a man on and off the court, and for him not to be signed, it’s really embarrassing to say I am a part of a league that won’t give a guy an opportunity that has contributed to the game of basketball,” Terry told me.

“Like what he has done during the lifetime of his career, he is very valuable on any team, a winning team,  young players that need veteran leadership. This kid should be on somebody’s roster, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will. Though it is taking this long, it mystifies me.”

Artist Thinks Jamal Crawford is a Killer on the Basketball Court

Heavy’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ recently spoke with one of the original members of The Diplomats [Dipset], Jim Jones, and asked the Hip Hop icon why Jamal Crawford is not in the NBA.

“Jamal Crawford, hands down, is probably one of the illest players we’ve ever seen in the last decade. He’s a silent killer, whatever team you put him on, he’s putting up buckets. You can count on him making a bucket. If it’s crunch time, you’re gonna pass to Jamal. There’s not too many people that can stop him. That boy’s got something real REAL special,” Jones told Robinson.

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