Is Recently Retired Luke Kuechly Already Eyeing a Return to the NFL?

Luke Kuechly eyeing a potential coaching role with the Carolina Panthers

Getty Luke Kuechly, formerly of the Carolina Panthers

Former Carolina Panthers All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly shocked the world this past week when he announced that he would be stepping away from the game of football, retiring at the ripe age of just 28-years old.

However, Kuechly’s time away from football may be short-lived.

Luke Kuechly Looking to Return to NFL as a Coach or Consultant

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo took to Saturday’s installment of Good Morning Football to report that the door for Kuechly returning to the NFL field as a player is closed. However, Garafolo states that Kuechly had spoken to “some folks prematurely” about the possibility of returning to the sidelines in a coaching or consulting role.

Kuechly Was Essentially a Coach On the Field For the Panthers

Luke Kuechly’s brilliance on the football field definitely has not gone unnoticed during his eight years in the NFL. The star linebacker racked up a respectable seven Pro-Bowl selections and five first-team AP All-Pro berths during his impressive yet brief NFL career. Yet, in a league littered with the greatest athletes walking this planet, it’s what was above the neck that made Kuechly so special and separated him from the pack.

Various outlets have widely reported that Kuechly refused to have cable in his own home over the first four years of his NFL career because he didn’t want to allow anything to distract him from watching game film.

Throughout his career, his game smarts have stuck out to numerous former teammates and opponents. Case in point, retired NFL running back Chris Ogbonnaya recently tweeted out his respect and admiration for Kuechly, stating the linebacker was “the most meticulous linebacker I ever played/practiced against.”

If you want to know how truly meticulous and prepared Kuechly was as a player, you don’t have to look any further than an interview that the now-retired linebacker had earlier this season ahead of a matchup with the New Orleans Saints. During the interview, Kuechly goes on to essentially break down the entirety of the Saints offense in great detail, walking through a laundry list of players and giving a well-rounded scouting report of each, from the likes of the Michael Thomas’ and Alvin Kamara’s of the world, to lesser-known offensive linemen and even backup skill players. 

Kuechly’s brilliance is undeniable. He was a true student of the game, and one that will be able to pass down his knowledge and football IQ to the future students of the game whenever he so chooses to trade in retired life for a clipboard and a headset, which appears to be sooner than later.

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