AFC Rival Player Has Direct Message For Patriots’ Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Patriots


Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has one message for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as he enters free agency — make sure you leave the AFC.

While appearing for media availability for Super Bowl LIV, the former Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro was asked where he thinks Brady will play in 2020. Mathieu, who has matched up against Brady on several occasions, was rather blunt with his answer — he wants Brady out of the AFC.

“I don’t know,” Mathieu replied from his podium at Marlins Park. “Whatever he do, I hope he stay out the AFC.”

Brady’s Dominance of the AFC

Mathieu obviously meant nothing but respect for Brady. He recognizes that the veteran quarterback has absolutely dominated the AFC during his 20-season career. In fact, Brady has made it to the AFC title game in 13 of his 18 full seasons. The only season where Brady didn’t lead the Patriots to an AFC East division title as the starting quarterback was during the 2002 season.

Although the Chiefs were able to avoid the wrath of the Patriots this season — they lost 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship Game against New England last season — they probably don’t want to take the risk of matching up against Brady in the playoffs moving forward.

NFL Legends Warn Brady About Leaving Patriots

We’re currently in the midst of the week leading into Super Bowl LIV. But despite the fact that he hasn’t played in nearly a month, Brady’s impending free agency feels like the biggest topic.

It seems like every former and current player has chimed in on where Brady will play in 2020. Now, two quarterback legends — Troy Aikman and Joe Montana — have given their take on the subject.

Montana — who has experience playing for two different NFL teams after establishing his legacy with the San Francisco 49ers — gave his two cents on the subject.

“Don’t (leave) — if you don’t have to,” Montana said. “It’s a process to go through, and it takes time to get used to the team. I was fortunate because (former 49ers quarterbacks coach) Paul Hackett was (in Kansas City) running the offense, and so I was pretty familiar with probably three-quarters of the offense going in. And, if they let him have his own offense (with a new team), yeah, that makes it a little bit easier. But still, the transition of moving … I just can’t see how they would let him leave there, myself.”

Montana wasn’t the only former legend to warn Brady about leaving the Patriots. Troy Aikman, who played his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys from 1989 until 2000, also expressed the same sentiment.

“That is something that I’m proud of playing for one organization,” Aikman said Tuesday at FOX Sports Media Day. “And I think it’s probably what Tom wants. There’s always the lure of wanting to prove you can do it somewhere else. And that’s only natural, but I would be surprised if he’s playing anywhere else other than New England. I don’t think it’s what the owner (Robert Kraft) wants. Deep down, I don’t think it’s what Tom wants. And I don’t anticipate it happening. I hope it doesn’t happen. I’m not sure the fans want that either.”

Brady will make the biggest decision of his career when March 18 comes around. That marks the date of the beginning of free agency.

The six-time Super Bowl champion can either end his career in New England — or bolt for another NFL team for the first time.

The decision is all up to Brady.

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