Dwyane Wade Speaks on Kobe Death: “It’s A Nightmare”

Dwyane Wade talks with Kobe Bryant after the game at Staples Center on December 25, 2013. Wade reportedly visited his baby son while in town for the game. (Getty)

The untimely death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, has stunned the entire NBA community.

As first reported by TMZ and confirmed by multiple other sources, Bryant along with his daughter, Gianna Marie Onore, and seven others were killed when a helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Bryant and his daughter, more known by her affectionate nickname “Gigi”, were on their way to one of her travel basketball games when the helicopter crashed.

Retired NBA superstar and future Hall of Fame guard, Dwyane Wade, went to Instagram to deliver an emotional video message to Bryant.

As Wade fought back tears, he conveyed to the world his love for his NBA brother and his self proclaimed basketball inspiration.

Wade’s Reaction

“When I came in the league I chased him, that’s who I chased, wanted to be respected by him and when I reached that level I knew I did something,” explained Wade.

Wade did not mix words when speaking on his friend and former opponent. Bryant’s impact on Wade is similar to the impact Bryant had on the world.

Bryant was larger than life and to Wade and many others, Bryant’s relationship with them was bigger than basketball.

“Today is one of the saddest days of my lifetime,” said Wade. “It seems like a bad, dream that you just want to wake up from, it’s a nightmare.”

“I know we all feel the same way about such a great leader, a great champion, a great person,” Wade continued. ” If you got a chance to know Kobe if you got a chance to really know Kobe .. ain’t nobody better man. ”

The NBA community has been significantly affected by the passing of Bryant. For many, he was an inspiration and role model for many of the younger athletes in the NBA today.

“Emotions are all over the place this are the moments where you ask why, my heart, thoughts go out to Kobe’s family, his daughter Gigi. This is a sad day there’s no way around it,” said Wade. “I’m gonna miss him, I’m gonna miss the friendship. I’ve said it many times that when Kobe retired from the game of basketball it left a hole in my wanting to play. ”

Wade and Bryant’s Relationship

As many reflect on the greatness of Bryant and what his legacy means to the sports world, it would be irresponsible to only recognize him for his greatness on the court.

“Kobe thank you man, thank you for all the memories we got a lot of good ones and these tears that we are crying,” Wade stated. “We are going to miss you. It’s not leaving today, a week from now a month from now, a year from now .. we will forever, forever, miss you man.”

“My family and I have been sharing Kobe stories, there’s so many moments that he’s given us, we are so thankful for those moments, I’m so thankful for those moments man. He’s one of my favorite players and I got the chance to have a relationship, a friendship.”

Wade ended his video like so many others have today, he attempted to summarize the legacy of a man that impacted so many different lives by excelling in so many different areas.

“You are a legend, you are an icon, you’re a father, you’re a husband, you’re a son you’re a brother, you’re a friend,” said Wade. ” Thank you for being my friend, I love you brother. “

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