Tyreek Hill 40-Yard Dash: Is Chiefs WR the Fastest Player in NFL History?

Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill 40-yard dash time and speed

Getty Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Tyreek Hill is fast, like really fast. In a league where the world’s most elite of talents are scattered throughout the NFL’s 32 NFL teams, Hill can be found on Sundays outrunning them with ease time and time again on his way to paydirt.

Hill’s speed has been something of folklore dating back to his college days. However, due to his numerous missteps throughout his collegiate career, we never got to officially put Hill’s speed down on paper against the NFL’s other elite speedsters.

Hill, who started his college career at Garden City Community College, found his way to the FBS in the way of Oklahoma State, where he actually started as a running back in his first and only season with the team. Following being kicked off of the OSU roster due to a domestic violence arrest, Hill would find himself finishing out his amateur playing career at the University of West Alabama. Hill’s troubled past led to the NFL opting not to invite him to the 2016 NFL combine, leaving him off the fastest 40-yard dashes in NFL History per NFL.com.

However, just because Hill didn’t participate at the combine, doesn’t mean he wasn’t clocked in the 40 during the pre-draft process.

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Tyreek Hill’s Speed & 40-Yard Dash Time

While Hill wasn’t clocked in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine, he did, however, partake in the University of West Alabama’s Pro Day. DraftScout.com has Hill’s official Pro Day times at 4.28 and 4.29 for his two attempts. DraftScout also shows Hill posting a low-time of 4.25 seconds at some point in his career.

While attending Coffee High in Douglas, Georgia, back in 2012, Hill ran the 200 meters in 20.14. That time was good enough for the second-fastest high school mark at the time and one that would have seeded Hill sixth at the 2012 Olympics Games.

How Tyreek Hill’s Speed Ranks Amongst the NFL’s Fastest

Let’s put the stopwatch aside for the moment. While Hill’s 40-yard dash time is phenomenal, his in-game speed is on another level. Evident by the play shown below.

Not many players can overshadow a person who takes a handoff 91-yards to the house. However, on November 3rd of the 2019 season, Tyreek Hill did just that, chasing down his teammate Damien Williams with ease.

NFL’s Next Gen Stats recorded Hill at an absurd max speed of 22.64 MPH on the play while sustaining a four-second speed of 21.46 MPH. The latter was the fastest time recorded by any player since the 2018 season.

While Hill may not have the fastest hand-timed 40-yard dash in NFL history, that hasn’t stopped fellow teammates and NFL players league-wide from crowning Hill as the NFL’s fastest man.

Here’s what Hill’s teammate Sammy Watkins had to say about Hill and his blazing speed.

“I know for a fact that no one in the league is faster than him,”

Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has lauded Hill for his jets in the past, comparing his speed to that of an all-time athlete.

“He’s so fast. It was during a play he reminded me a lot of Bo Jackson. I remember Bo Jackson running down the sidelines I think it was against the Seattle Seahawks or something like that. It was like everyone else, they were standing still. Hill, he’s the same way. He’s just as fast. Teams are going to have to double this guy and try to take him out of the game.”

However, despite all the praise, Hill remains humble about his speed. Or at least, he did at first. Back in 2018, Hill stated that he wasn’t even the “fastest guy in this locker room.” Hill bestowed those honors on Tremon Smith, a player who ran a 4.38 40 at his pro day at Central Arkansas.

Yet, Hill has since changed his tune on the matter. Per Arrowhead Addicts, the wideout stated that anyone who claims to be the NFL’s fastest player is just a “wanna be fast guy” and he’s willing to race them to prove it.

If they bring back the Pro Bowl’s fastest man, I wouldn’t mind going every year just so I can prove a point to all these wanna-be fast guys.”

Somebody get Pat McAfee on the phone and let him know we have another contest for him to add to his fine-tuned version of the Pro Bowl.

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