Lions’ Offensive Lineman Falls Through Ice While Fishing [WATCH]

Frank Ragnow

Getty Frank Ragnow during a game with the Lions.

Frank Ragnow is an avid outdoorsman, so it’s not a surprise to see him hunting and fishing when he’s got a bit of free time away from the Detroit Lions.

One problem? The season often cuts into that time, so Ragnow has to squeeze in as much time in the outdoors in the winter as possible. No problem, as he seems to enjoy ice fishing just as much as regular fishing. That love recently cost him when he took a tumble into a frozen lake when trying to fish.

On his Youtube page Grizzly Man Outdoors, Ragnow often posts various adventures he’s had in the wild. All would likely pale in comparison to the one he had one year ago in January of 2019. Just after the season had finished up, Ragnow was trying to get himself some fish when he took a tumble.

NFL Offensive Lineman falls through the ICE (Dumb Idea)Before we move onto 2020 let's take a look back at one of my dumbest moments of 2019…. Started as a simple fun idea to try to catch a pet for my fish tank and turned into a disaster. Be safe out there folks. I completely regret this but figured I'd share for the sake…2020-01-13T21:24:15.000Z

“I wonder what my neighbors are thinking about me. Hey you only live once,” Ragnow says early in the clip. “If my neighbors don’t like fishing, what do you do?”

Apparently, he thought the ice was solid enough to support his 311 pound frame. He would be proven wrong quickly.

“Definitely a little sketchy,” Ragnow says of the ice before going down. “Oh gosh, I’m in folks, I’m in like a jackwagon. What was I thinking? Just a pure jackwagon move folks. Started walking way too fast. It’s cold folks. I’m alright. I’m ok. My (bleeps) are freezing!”

While funny, the video can certainly serve as a teaching moment for those who do love to fish outside in the winter, something Ragnow added in near the end of the video where he instructed folks to learn from his mistake and be safe out there.

It’s excellent advice.

Frank Ragnow Lions Stats

Ragnow had better not make getting into dangerous situations in the outdoors a habit, because he’s been a solid player for the Lions up front along their offensive line. A first round pick in 2018 out of Arkansas, Ragnow has played guard and center for the team before switching back to his natural position in the middle of the line.

Thus far in his career, Ragnow has started 31 games for Detroit and has been a rock for the team’s front. He hasn’t made a Pro Bowl or been an All-Pro player yet, but many see that trajectory for him as he continues to mature and push through his career.

Frank Ragnow a Building Block for Lions

Much is unknown about which direction the Detroit offensive line will take the rest of the 2020 offseason, but the one thing that seems certain is that Ragnow will be a huge part of that direction. He’s solidified things in the middle of the line for the team, and will be a huge part of the future in 2020 and beyond after being a first round pick of the team a few years back. It’s very safe to say Ragnow is the top building block up front for the Lions right now.

It’s good for the Lions to have a solid youngster to build around up front, so the hope is Ragnow can stay safe and on dry land enough to have a successful NFL career.

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