Top-5 Takeaways From Joe Judge’s New York Giants Introductory Press Conference

New York Giants HC Joe Judge Press Conference

Getty New York Giants Head Coach Joe Judge

The New York Giants shocked the world on Tuesday afternoon when news broke that former New England Patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge would become the 19th head coach in the history of their storied franchise.

While many scratched their heads, wondering who Joe Judge is, others were quick to mock a team who has been amongst the bottom dwellers of the NFL for the last three seasons. However, after Judge took to the podium on Thursday afternoon, it became evidently clear why Joe Judge may be just what the Giants need to get back to their winning ways.

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Top-5 Moments From Joe Judge’s Memorable Press Conference

  1. 1) Left a Lasting Impression From the Jump

Before even stepping foot on a podium, Joe Judge made a lasting impression with Giants faithful and members of the media. In true Tom Caughlin fashion, Judge arrived early to his press conference on Thursday. From there he took the time to greet and shake hands with every reporter in attendance.

2) Who Am I? What I’m About?

Judge is well aware of the chatter to occur over the internet and amongst Giants fans over the past two days, with the biggest question being simply, who is Joe Judge? Judge took time at his press conference to answer that lingering question by explaining what he believes to be “relevant in the conversation of being the head coach of the New York Giants, what I’m about.”

“What I’m about is an old school, physical mentality. We’ll punch you in the nose for 60 minutes, we’ll play every play like its a history in the life of its own”

3) Will Not Serve as a Coordinator

Joe Judge has made his name in the NFL as a special teams coordinator. He’s served as an assistant or head special teams coordinator for the New England Patriots for the last eight seasons. However, with the Giants Judge plans to take on a broader coaching approach as the man in charge. Judge says he will hire coordinators for all three aspects of the game, and be involved when he sees fit, ala Bill Belichick in New England.


4) Learned From the Best of the Best

One of the greatest calling cards on Joe Judge’s resume is the fact that he stems off the coaching trees of not only Bill Belichick but also Nick Saban, arguably the two greatest football coaches to ever walk this planet.

Judge spoke about the lessons he learned working under Nick Saban during his stint at Alabama.

“What I learned from Coach Saban was not an individual lesson, what I learned from Nick Saban it’s important to address everybody, not only on the what they have to due, but how it should look, what we’re going to do to get there, and why it’s important.”

Judge also touched on what he learned the most from Bill Belichick, speaking on Belichick’s willingness to be flexible with personnel, something that will be greatly welcomed the Giants’ vanilla schemes of years past.

5) He’s Ready For the Moment

By far the biggest takeaway from Judge’s Press Conference was the simple fact that he looks and sounds like he belongs. Judge retractors came out the woodworks upon his hiring, however, you’d likely be hard-pressed to find many doubters following such a superb first-showing.

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