Dez Bryant Reveals 3 Potential Fits for NFL Comeback

Bill Belichick

Getty Dez Bryant is once again expressing a desire to sign with Patriots.

Dez Bryant is once again teasing his desire to return to the NFL. This comes after dropping previous hints that he’d like to sign with the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and the New England Patriots, among others.

Months prior, Bryant flat-out stated that he’s interested in signing with the Patriots — among several other teams. Fast forward to late January towards the conclusion of the 2019 season and the former All-Pro and Pro Bowl wide receiver is dropping more hints.

Check out one of Bryant’s latest tweets where he teases possibly signing with the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, and a black and gold team — presumably, the New Orleans Saints.

Bryant Has History With the Cowboys and Saints

As far as the Cowboys and Saints are concerned, Bryant has previously been under contract for both teams. Bryant played his entire eight-year career with the Cowboys from 2010 until 2017 and is the franchise leader in career touchdowns.

And as far as the Saints are concerned, although Bryant never appeared in an official game with the franchise, he was signed by the team midway through the 2018 season. Unfortunately for Bryant, he tore his Achilles and was immediately placed on injured reserve.

Bryant has teased his return before, doing so late in the 2019 season over Twitter. He mentioned several teams — all of whom were considered championship contenders.

In other words, Bryant’s tune hasn’t changed much over the past season. This time around, he forgot to mention the Kansas City Chiefs. But the other four teams’ color schemes were mentioned in his latest tweet.

Would the Patriots Be Interested in Signing Dez Bryant?

Although the Patriots do desperately need pass catchers — the offensive unit ranked 16th in receiving touchdowns and 18th in yards per attempt — there’s a major question of whether the Patriots would even be interested in the 31-year-old wide receiver.

As just mentioned, Bryant is 31 years old. By the time 2020 comes around, it will have been three full seasons since the veteran wide receiver has appeared in an NFL game. Furthermore, he’s coming off of an Achilles’ injury that he suffered at the age of 30. There aren’t many receivers who regain their explosion when suffering such a serious injury at an advanced age.

Furthermore, it has to be a bit concerning that Bryant echoed his desire to return during the 2019 season — which one would assume meant he was fully healthy — and not a single NFL team showed even a little bit of interest. Bryant didn’t have any reported workouts with the aforementioned NFL teams this season.

However, if there is one positive, it’s this — Bryant would come on the cheap and with no risk. The Patriots could always sign Bryant to the veteran’s minimum on an incentive-laden contract and merely just cut him if he’s not good enough to contribute.

It’s worth noting that Bryant has expressed nothing but positive compliments about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady on Twitter. He has even stated that he would be willing to play a secondary role on a team — meaning he doesn’t need to be a starter.

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