Patriots QB Tom Brady’s Latest Vague Tweet Further Fuels Rumors He’s Leaving

Tom Brady new team

Getty Tom Brady just posted his most cryptic tweet yet. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Tom Brady is just inviting the drama now, it seems. The legendary New England Patriots quarterback has been the subject of “will he or won’t he?” leave New England rumors for several months now, and Thursday evening, he took to Twitter to set fire to the rumors before dousing them with gasoline.

Brady has been in the league for 20 years, so he is very well versed in the ways in which fans respond to social media posts — he had to know posting the image he posted would send fans and media analysts into a “what does it all mean” frenzy. So what did he post? How about a black and white photo of himself either leaving or entering an empty stadium.

Tom Brady Social Media Photo: Is He Coming or Going?

Brady sent out a picture of himself that is just a bit too hard to discern completely. He’s alone in an empty stadium — and he’s either walking out onto the field — or he’s leaving an empty place. There was no caption included with the photo, which he also shared on his Instagram page.

Brady and his family have been spending time in Tennessee recently, so his posting this image at this specific time, amidst the rumors already surrounding him, seems like a peculiar choice, as the spotlight on him right now is shining bright as ever. Instead of shooting down the rumors he’s leaving the Pats to head for a new team, he just refueled that specific fire — and he’s going to have a very difficult time putting it out.

Of course, this could all be some sort of tongue-in-cheek publicity stunt on Brady’s part, with some fans speculating he’s setting us all up for a Super Bowl commercial, or perhaps the announcement of a new product line.

A few players took the opportunity to joke about Brady’s tweet, as well. In a fun response, Jets safety Jamal Adams retweeted the photo, saying: “Please leave the AFC East.”

NFL insider Adam Schefter, in an attempt to calm the storm, tweeted that he was “told that this tweet is not related to Tom Brady’s football future … But the speculation sure is fun.”

Fun or not, Brady is savvy enough to understand the kind of furor he would create by sending out such an image on social media. He’s been around the Twitter block long enough to know how much an image like this would rile the masses. An upcoming Super Bowl ad seems likely — but if that’s the case, he just sent millions of Patriots fans into a frenzy in the name of self-promotion.

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