5 NFL Teams That Could Strike Darius Slay Trade With Lions

Darius Slay

Getty Darius Slay celebrates an interception against Atlanta.

The Detroit Lions could be pondering what their next move is as it relates to a Darius Slay trade, and could see discussions ramp up this offseason as they try to either work a new contract or decide to move on from the cornerback.

If the team elects to move on, there will be plenty of teams that would have interest in a top flight cornerback that is entering into his prime. The Lions will get to field plenty of calls from interested teams across the league, and might be able to make the best possible deal for them when all is said and done.

So who would be interested in Slay the most? Here’s a look at some teams that could put a target on Detroit’s best defender and line up to make a pitch for his services.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were already said to be interested in a deal for Slay this past season, and while nothing happened then, it’s only fair to consider them strong participants in the market for the cornerback if it happens this offseason. Slay would be a top flight option for the team to insert into their defense. A suggested trade had Slay going to Philadelphia for a potential third round pick and player. It would be tough to deal him within the NFC, but if the Eagles stepped up and made a strong offer, it could happen.

Denver Broncos

In addition to the Eagles, columnists have been rushing to send Slay to the Broncos this offseason as well for a similar return. There’s no doubt with the expected departure of Chris Harris in free agency that the Broncos could use a player like Slay for their back end on defense. He would join a team expected to be up and coming in the AFC West. For Detroit, the move could make sense because they’d rarely see Slay and compete against him. It’s one of the more intriguing ideas out there in terms of a potential deal for the cornerback.

Las Vegas Raiders

Like the Broncos, the soon to be former Oakland Raiders are looking to improve and take the next step in 2020 and if that is to be the case, they will have to commit to building the team’s defense along the way. The team might also have some significant funds to make a splashy move or two for the future, which is where Slay could fit in. Players have been lobbying for Slay to think about the Raiders, but it would be on Mike Mayock to make the Lions a strong offer if the team was truthfully interested. With a major move coming, the Raiders could be a team to watch and remember as it relates to a bold move such as this.

New York Giants

The Giants could have plenty of cash with which to operate this offseason and have already seen Darius Slayton lobby for a deal for Slay, who is nearly his namesake. The Giants might be a few pieces away on defense, and while there are offensive question marks, a deal for Slay would go a long way toward helping the team try and piece things together on the back end. The Giants could afford it, but would the Lions trade Slay within the conference? Again, it would have to do with the strength of the hypothetical offer they would be presented with.

New Orleans Saints

Another team who could get desperate and see their Super Bowl window starting to close are the Saints, and if they’ve had a problem the last few years, it’s been on the defensive side of things. Dealing for Slay wouldn’t solve all their problems, but it would help matters out in a big way for 2020. The Saints, like other NFC teams, might have to make the Lions an offer they simply can’t refuse. It would make sense on their end at this point in time given some of their playoff exits.

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