NFL 100 Super Bowl Kid Received a Scholarship at Age 10

Bunchie Young

getty Maxwell "Bunchie" Young runs on the field prior to Super Bowl LIV.

Do you remember what you were doing at age 10? I was busy playing with toys and watching Rugrats or probably riding my bike and playing hide and seek in the neighborhood.

I know I wasn’t out there dominating the football field, or particularly any sport for that matter, getting college offers and I most certainly wasn’t even remotely close to starring in an NFL commercial for the Super Bowl. I know most kids weren’t on the speedy track to success either.

But, Maxwell “Bunchie” Young was. At the ripe age of 10 he was dominating the football field and by age 13 became the star for the NFL Commercial that celebrated 100 Years of the NFL.

Bunchie’s speed is unmatched in the commercial and it isn’t all that fake considering the kid is an absolute beast in real life.

In 2017 Bunchie was the Sports Illustrated Sportskid of the year for racking up 61 touchdowns in one and a half seasons of youth football and for lightening speed records at his track meets. Not to mention, BEFORE that all even happened, he had received a scholarship from Univerity of Illinois to play ball.

Bunchie’s Highlights

Check out his football highlights that honestly look so much better than any washed-up guy who still has their high school highlights in their bios.

Bunchie’s highlights have reached over millions over viewers and he has already made numerous headlines.

No days off for Bunchie. He’s doing NFL workouts daily just like the players do in the NFL. He works out at a professional training facility called STARS in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Bunchie said in his No Days Off feature that his biggest fan is his dad and he’s the one that has been pushing him the hardest. His dad, David Young is incredibly invested in Bunchie and his talent says “why stop now?.”

At age 3 he saw his first-ever football game. Around age 4 Bunchie could already catch and NFL-sized football and it all began to escalate from there. At 6-years-old he won a 200-meter race in just 32.22 seconds…3.5 better than the second-place winner.

A Role Model on and Off the Field

According to Sports Illustrated Kids, Bunchie’s dad doesn’t even remember how Maxwell got the nickname Bunchie, it has been around since his birth and he never calls him Maxwell. He knows one thing is for sure, and that is Bunchie is a natural-born football player.

But, behind the young football and track star, he’s genuinely a good kid off of the field. He is a leader at school and church, making him a role model for other kids. Those are the traits that caught the eye of Sports Illustrated Kids back in 2017.

He writes Bible verses on his arms that remind him to stay level headed, works on the student council, and enjoys giving back.

Playing football isn’t the only dream Bunchie has when he grows up. He plans on playing in the NFL, becoming a sports broadcaster, owning an NFL team, and what he is really interested in is becoming the Mayor of LA.

Never stop chasing your dreams kid.

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