Patrick Mahomes’ Parents Expected to Cheer on Chiefs at Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes Parents

Getty/Instagram Patrick Mahomes' mom and dad knew there was something different about their son.

Patrick Mahomes’ parents, Randi Martin and Pat Mahomes Sr., have seen their sons ascension from youth sports to the Chiefs quarterback playing in the Super Bowl. Randi and Pat have become staples at Chiefs games, and it would be a surprise if they are not in attendance at Super Bowl 54 in Miami. The family has been making social media posts all week from Miami.

Patrick grew up in Tyler, Texas and was a standout quarterback at Whitehouse High School. For Patrick’s parents, the question was not whether he would succeed in athletics but what sport he would focus on.

“I knew when it came to sports he was going to be able to reach whatever level he wanted,” Randi said, per ABC 4.

Patrick’s dad, Pat Sr., is a former MLB pitcher and his son also excelled at baseball. There was some thought that he would follow in Pat Sr.’s footsteps on the mound. Things changed after Patrick fell in love with football in high school, particularly playing quarterback. Patrick was also special on the baseball field and could have also had a career as a major leaguer.

“You know, I was coaching him one time and we were playing a game,” Pat Sr. noted to the New York Daily News. “We were beating the team pretty bad. He came up to me and said, ‘Dad, I’m gonna go up here and hit left handed the next time. I’m gonna hit left handed and I’m also going to hit with a wooden bat.’ I said, ‘Well, we’re up, go do what you do. He hit the first pitch and he hit it over the centerfield fence and I said, ‘Oh, this kid is pretty special.’”

Patrick’s Parents Maintain a Good Relationship Despite Divorcing When the QB Was Young

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Happy father’s day to the best pops out there!

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Randi and Pat Sr. are no longer together but maintain a good relationship. Patrick’s parents divorced in 2006 when he was just 11 years old, and Randi admitted to Sports Illustrated that it was difficult for her son.

Patrick was a somewhat introverted child from the start. He’d have friends over in elementary school and keep to himself, declining to play. His parents divorced when he was 11, in 2006, a year Randi describes as the most difficult of his life.

Patrick’s Calm Demeanor Has Been an Attribute Since He Was Growing Up

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Happy Mother’s Day to the best!!! Love you!

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One of Patrick’s key attributes in the huddle is his calm demeanor. Patrick’s lack of excitement is something that frustrated Randi when he was growing up, but it suits the Chiefs’ quarterback well as he plays in the Super Bowl.

“It used to drive me nuts when he was little because I grew up in a small town and I didn’t get to travel and do a lot of things, but he did,” Randi noted, per Sports Illustrated. “But he never got excited. Disney World, Yankee Stadium. He never got excited about it. I wanted him to be excited about things, but that’s not his personality. Careful what you wish for, because my other son gets excited enough for 20 people.”

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