Russell Wilson Makes Strong Statement on Changes to Seahawks’ Offense

Seahawks Pete Carroll

Getty Russell Wilson is pushing for changes to the Seahawks' offense.

Russell Wilson has used his media rounds during the offseason to touch on a few key changes he would like to see made by the Seattle Seahawks heading into next season. During the Pro Bowl week, Wilson was vocal about his desire for the Seahawks to land “superstars” in free agency. Just a few weeks later, the Seahawks signed former Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen to a one-year deal after being released by the Panthers.

The Seahawks are also expected to be active when free agency officially starts in March. Wilson is pushing for more than just playmakers as the Seahawks quarterback cited the Chiefs offense during Super Bowl week as an example of what he wants to see Seattle implement. Wilson admitted to Pro Football Talk that the offense has had a tendency to flow better in hurry-up situations.

“I mean we’ve always been really good at two-minute [offense],” Wilson told Pro Football Talk prior to the Super Bowl. “We’ve always been really good in those end of the half, those not always hurry-up situations, but those up-tempo situations [and] moments. And the reality is this: I think the defense gets tired, first thing. And I think the second thing is that, you know, I really know kind of what I want to get after them, how we want to get after them, especially in those moments. And guys just make plays in those moments. I think the freedom of just going after it and just scoring as many points, you know?”

Wilson Cited the Chiefs Offense as Something He Wants to See More From the Seahawks

Wilson is looking around the league seeing the freedom quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes has in Kansas City and indicated he wants more of that in Seattle. The question is whether the Seahawks are willing to move towards this philosophy given their dedication to the run game.

“That’s kind of what the Chiefs do to be honest with you,” Wilson explained to Pro Football Talk. “They do a really good job, Andy Reid and Mahomes. They do a really good job of getting up to the ball, playing with their playmakers and finding a way to make plays and, you know, they score more points than everybody else. And I think that’s the name of the game is, Can you score one more point than they do?”

The Seahawks’ Offense Stalled After Chris Carson & Rashaad Penny Were Lost for the Season With Injuries

Wilson is not trying to throw the coaching staff under the bus, but it is clear that the Seahawks quarterback also notices what many fans pointed out last season. The Seahawks often trailed early in games then opened up the offense late, and Wilson would lead the team back within striking distance. Pete Carroll has consistently leaned on the running game as the focal point for the Seahawks offense during his tenure in Seattle.

This worked well when Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny formed one of the best one-two punches in the NFL. Both running backs were lost for the season with injuries leaving the Seahawks with little options for the postseason. The Seahawks ended up signing Marshawn Lynch out of necessity, but it was clearly not the same unit that thrived in the first half of the season.

The Seahawks face a critical question this offseason. As Wilson enters the prime of his career, will the Seahawks be willing to open up the passing game, or continue to emphasize the run even when it is proving ineffective. Wilson is pushing for changes in the most diplomatic way possible, but it is clear the quarterback believes changes need to be made heading into 2020.

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