Tom Brady Fuels Speculation He’s Joining AFC Rival With Latest Move

Tom Brady, Philip Rivers

Getty Could Tom Brady be on the move to Los Angeles?

Tom Brady continues to get people talking based upon his moves on social media.

After the Los Angeles Chargers announced that they were moving on from Philip Rivers after 16 seasons with the franchise, there was an Instagram post on the announcement that both sides are going their separate ways.

Needless to say, the New England Patriots quarterback liked the post.

What is Brady’s Motive?

This could mean several different things. Maybe Brady is happy for his colleague, Rivers, that he has the opportunity to explore other destinations for the first time in his career– you know, similar to Brady.

But considering how Brady has played his impending free agency, it’s probably smart to assume that the veteran quarterback is liking the idea that there’s a starting quarterback opening in Los Angeles. After all, the Chargers are one of several teams that are popular possible destinations for the 42-year-old quarterback.

With Rivers now officially moving on from the Chargers, could Brady end up in Los Angeles by March?

Only time will tell.

Why Robert Kraft Allowed Tom Brady to Test Free Agency

If you’re now wondering why owner Robert Kraft allowed his franchise quarterback to test free agency instead of just locking him up for the long term, we now have an answer. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the decision was made to allow Brady to test free agency to give both sides an opportunity to explore options.

It not only gave the Patriots flexibility, but in a good-will move, it also gave the veteran quarterback the opportunity to explore free agency for the first time in his career.

“There is a pretty good reason that owner Robert Kraft and Tom Brady have worked closely on several deals in the past. There is a reason why the option was to allow Brady to test free agency, to not get franchised, to not get transitioned, just to have a clear path toward free agency,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said.

“And from what I understand, Kraft’s thinking on this was basically if the sides came together, if Brady decided that the Patriots were his best option after testing free agency and if Bill Belichick, who of course is making the decisions for New England, if he decides that Brady is his best option at this price, then in the end after all of this, after going through everything, that it will mean that it’s basically meant to be and that it’s the best thing for all sides. Kraft wanted them to get apart, to see what’s out there and try to come together in the middle. And the hope is if that works out for 2020 that everyone will be happy they went through the process.”

In hindsight, the move looks kind of silly. The Patriots clearly want Brady back as Kraft has made clear and they don’t have any backup plans at the current moment. If Brady does decide to leave New England, the team is going to have to make an immediate move and sign a free agent quarterback. That’s not exactly an ideal situation for a franchise looking to win a Super Bowl next season.

While both sides have to come together to make another deal happen, the bottom line is that Brady is the one controlling the cards at this moment in time. With several teams reportedly interested in his services, it’ll be up to Brady — not the Patriots — whether he returns to New England for a 21st season or not.

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