Falcons Potential Backup QB: ‘I Know I Can Make Big Plays’

Kurt Benkert

getty Kurt Benkert #6 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Matt Ryan is back for yet another year as the Atlanta Falcons‘ starting quarterback. But the QB depth chart is looking pretty good, especially with Kurt Benkert, who is cleared from the injured reserve list as of two months ago.

Benkert banged up his foot pretty badly during the Falcons’ first preseason game. He ended up needing surgery to reconstruct his toe and couldn’t walk for nearly two months.

But now he’s back for the 2020 season and has a positive feeling about it. Falcons fans should be excited about his comeback just as much as he is.

What Benkert Brings to the Table

Benkert looked very promising in the preseason matchup against the Broncos where he outplayed Drew Lock before landing on the injured reserve list.

He is well aware that he will have some competition for the QB2 position during the offseason, but he isn’t focused on that. He’s confident in what he can bring to Atlanta this year.

“I just want to have a high completion percentage throughout all of offseason and just take care of the football,” Benkert told Heavy.com. “I know that I can make big plays. I can make big plays with my feet, throwing it out of the pocket, but I just want to show consistency through everything and just that I can take care of the ball. I think that’ll do enough on its own.”

Benkert repeated this throughout his interview, so you know he won’t disappoint the team or fans: “I’m just excited to just get back out and play football again.”

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Quarantine and Chill?

Benkert has been finding ways to stay active and stay in shape regardless of the coronavirus outbreak and having to quarantine.

He has his own gym set up in the garage for workouts. Fortunately for Benkert, though, QBs don’t have to do as much conditioning and heavy lifting as other guys on the team. It’s important to protect his arm at all costs—that’s where the magic happens, and we need that magic.

Players have been getting together to throw the ball with other receivers, but Benkert is playing it safe considering his wife is pregnant and he doesn’t want to put his family in danger.

Right now, Benkert is hearing that the NFL season should start as normal, but the offseason is postponed and there will be more online meetings for the players.

“The thing is we go through OTAs when we start our minicamp practices. We do workouts four days out of the week then have meetings the next days for an hour. But that is going to be mostly online from what it sounds like. Then we have a month off anyways and then you start real football.”

Benkert also adds that having everything online could affect the rookies, but if you’ve been doing it for a year or two then it’s redundant.

“I think this is going to affect guys getting drafted. They’re going to have to be more visual and learning in a classroom than learning hands-on. But by the time the season starts there is plenty of time to really be ready for the season.”

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