Spike Lee Airs out James Dolan, Knicks, Madison Square Garden [Video]

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On Monday night, a video began to circulate around the internet featuring Oscar award-winning director and Knicks‘ fanatic Spike Lee engaging in an argument with Madison Square Garden security.

Lee can be heard saying, ” because no one told me. No one told me. I’m staying here. Now, if you want to arrest like Charles Oakley, go the f*** ahead.  Oh, you are going to arrest me, put my head behind my back like Oakley?”

Lee was referencing the Charles Oakley incident that occurred back in 2017 when the Knicks; great was arrested and escorted out of the Garden. As Phil Jackson tried to calm him down, Oakley revealed James Dolan did this, according to Ian Bagley of SNY.

A spokesman for the New York Knicks immediately released the statement that reads, according to ESPN’s Malika Andrews, it is “untrue” that Lee was ever asked to leave the Garden on Monday Night. According to the spokesperson, there was a mix up over which entrance Lee should enter through.

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Spike Lee Sounds off on the Incident on First Take

The Oscar Award Winner and the owner of 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks Spike Lee was on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday to give his take on the incident between him and MSG security.

“Look, it was a terrible experience and when I went home last night in a cab and let it chill. Then my son read me the statement by ‘The Garden.’ I said Nah, this is spin. Here is the story I have been coming the last 28 years plus my wife reminded last night we have been married 26 years and dating the year before that,” said Lee.

“I have been using the same entrance for 28 plus years. The employees’ entrance on 33rd street, yesterday, last night I go in there my ticket is scanned I’m in. I’m waiting on the elevator, and people are also having their tickets scanned as well, and the elevator is not moving. So, a security guy comes to me and says we need you to get off the elevator I said for what? Well, we can speak about it right now. I said I am not getting off the elevator, so another five minutes went by, and they finally sent the elevator up because they know I wasn’t getting out the elevator.”

Lee would continue explaining the story of his experience before last night’s Knicks and Rockets game.

“I get on the elevator and for the people that don’t know, ‘The Garden’ floor is on the fifth floor. The elevator goes up to five and security is waiting for me like I just ran out of Macy’s like I was stealing something. They said this guy the security guy says Mr. Lee you have to leave Madison Square Garden. They wanted me to leave The Garden walk outside and come back on 31st street.”

Lee: I said I’m not doing that, first of all, you scanned my ticket and you can’t scan a ticket twice. Also, I know once you leave the sporting arena event, you can’t come back in. So, I don’t trust these guys, so I’m not going for the Oakie Doke. I said I’m not leaving then said we want you to leave ‘The Garden’. I put my hands behind my back and I said arrest me like my brother Charles Oakley. Then I ran into some brothas that  I know, I grew up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and they said this is some crazy stuff, but if we take you in the elevator and go outside ‘The Garden’ to the sixth floor, we will walk you to your seat. I said Bet. At half time Dolan comes over to me and says we need to talk I said talk about what? He says we need to talk I said Mr. Dolan I don’t want to talk about nothing.

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